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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't be stupid

Be smarter than a box of hammers

VA-SEN: Nancy Reagan calls for Webb ad to be pulled
by Loudoun County Dem [Subscribe]
Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 07:08:56 PM PDT

Nancy Reagan has called for the new ad for James Webb featuring a Ronald Reagan address to USNA graduates in 1985 to be pulled from circulation. Additionally, the Allen campaign has lined up some former Reagan advisors to also denouce the use of the video clip of Reagan praising Webb.

You can view the ad here.

I feel that the Webb campaign should keep the ad. It contains footage of a public address by a U.S. President and as such is no more out of bounds than the Allen campaign using footage of Clinton. That the video of Reagan reflects well on Webb is inconvenient for Allen's campaign but is irrelevant, the content is not removed from context and is directly relevant to the race.

This is not a case of taking a speech from a historical figure about an issue and attempting to infer a connection, this is not Reagan's opinion or conjecture, everything he states about Webb in this speech is verifiable fact and, as this is a biographical ad, is appropriate.

The real reason that the repubs are 'offended' by this ad is that it cuts the "I'm the political heir to the Gipper" legs completely out from under Allen.

I have sympathy for Nancy Reagan (which surprises me) and her protectiveness of his legacy but Reagan is a public figure (a fact which one can hardly escape here when flying out of Reagan National Airport or going to The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. ) and, as such, his image and words are (when not used out of context) fair game for both parties (not the exclusive property of the repubs). If Nancy Reagan is so offended by the Webb campaign use of this footage, she may consider campaigning for Allen but I doubt she will due to Allen's stem cell research voting record.

Just so we don't forget the issue at hand.

Why would anyone want to pick a fight with the widow of an ex-president? How smart is that?

Webb has more than enough of a resume for the people who would be persuaded by such an add, like being a Vietnam Vet with a son in Iraq and a Navy Cross.. The people he needs to come out for him could care less about Nancy Reagan.

Why would you want to have former Reagan officials endorse Allen and tying him to Reagan and not Bush?

The word is that the Webb campaign is not the smooth oiled machine that Lamont is running, not by any means. For Webb to do this is just fucking stupid. Keep the pressure on Allen, keep it about Bush and his racial attitudes, not Nancy Reagan. Give him no ground. None.

posted by Steve @ 12:04:00 AM

12:04:00 AM

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