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Monday, September 11, 2006

Comrade Moose Speaks

Workers of the world
Christian Soldiers.....I'm proud to be an American
yeah, that's it.

Comrade Moose says Americans are not dying enough for Bush and his colonial war

The Moose wrote five years ago,

"For the past several months, there has been an ongoing discussion over whether America is divided into the "Red" states carried by Bush and the "Blue" states won by Gore. The Moose observes that America is now the Red, White and Blue States.

"This is truly a time for American Greatness. The only question is whether our political class is up to it. Americans are ready to be rallied. All across the land, citizens are looking for ways to assist. Those opportunities should be made available. War Bonds should be put on sale to fund the effort (a good way to spend those rebates). Military Enlistment Centers should be established on all college campuses. College presidents should encourage ROTC participation.

"Meanwhile, our leaders should prepare the American people for a long, protracted, nasty war against international terrorism. It is insufficient to merely eliminate the perpetrators of this crime. The hard, perhaps unpopular truth is that the West is at war with radical Islam. Nations of the world will have to choose sides."

And what of us today? Our politics are more polarized than ever. Our politics consists of Americans pointing fingers at other Americans while the enemy feeds upon our division. Some believe that our President is a greater threat to our security than the Islamic-fascists. They even oppose minimally intrusive surveillance techniques to prevent further attacks.

The bottom line is that many of our leaders, from both parties, have failed to inspire a new politics of national greatness.

But the long war against radical Islam continues. And the nations of the world must once again chose whether they will confront a threat from a nation whose leadership is animated by a vision of another Holocaust. Yet, it is difficult to be optimistic when most of Europe capitulated when it was confronted with a mere cartoon jihad much less a confrontation over nukes.

No one would have thought five years ago that the American homeland would be spared another attack. That has been the great success. But we do not yet have a plan for victory in this long war. We are not winning in Iraq and it is unclear whether this Administration has any clue about how to turn the morass around. There has never been a serious attempt to end our reliance on oil that funds and fuels Wahhabist extremism. Our public diplomacy efforts are a sordid joke. And the leadership class increasingly is losing credibility.

We desperately need leaders who will have the vision to win this war, the ability to unite the country and the courage to ask more of Americans. Without the leadership of FDR and Churchill, the triumph over fascism would have been problematic. Without the leadership of Truman and Reagan, communism might have had a longer life.

Who are the contemporary leaders who will call the nation to greatness once again?
Listen, you former commie, admirer of authoritarians, bed shitter. There is no such thing as Islamo-fascism. Osama Bin Laden can only kill me, he cannot jail me for years, invade my privacy, or turn my country into a weak dictatorship That, my Depends-wearing friend, is what Bush can do. You've never lifted a finger to serve this country, so you might want to reconsider who you consider weak on defense.

Yes, countries have chosen sides. Like Pakistan. They have chosen their side. Not ours. Why? Because our side jailed hundreds of Pakistanis without any evidence and won't let them go. On September 12, the world was with us. Five years later, our closest allies wonder about fighting in Afghanistan. That's what you authoritarian-loving freaks have brought us.

Why don't you admit, my authoritarian-loving friend, that you people fucked up, fucked up badly. That we're worse off on 9/12/2006 than we were on 9/12/2001. And that, Mr. Depends is what you are supporting.

posted by Steve @ 8:31:00 PM

8:31:00 PM

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