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Comments by YACCS
Friday, September 29, 2006

Bye, Mike. Loved the puppy

Stay dry, Mike. Stay dry

Keep Cash Coming, Steele Tells The GOP
Campaign Insiders Fear Priority Shifts

By Matthew Mosk and Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, September 29, 2006; Page B06

Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele has been reaching out to key Republican leaders in recent days, urging them to continue directing resources to his U.S. Senate bid.

In an interview yesterday, Steele confirmed what some people close to his campaign have said privately -- that tightening races in other key states have taken priority in the year since high-ranking Republicans persuaded Steele to run, in part by promising the party's lasting financial support.

"I understand that they didn't know what the landscape was going to look like a year away," Steele said. "The dynamics have changed."

Steele said he is confident that he will have the money to run competitively. But sources close to his campaign said concerns about the availability of national money increased recently, especially when national Democrats invested $750,000 in television ads for his opponent, Baltimore area U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, in the days following Cardin's primary victory.

"They've made the commitment to have Sen. [Hillary] Clinton come here, Sen. [Barack] Obama come here. The natural question is: 'This is what these guys are doing; what are you prepared to do?' " Steele said.


"A lot of people were watching what happened to Kweisi," Steele said yesterday, adding that those voters will want to know, "Will my party be bold in its effort to show that it's commitment is different from theirs?"

Two things: one, Steele desperately needs national party help because he has no base of funders locally. See how much money Russell Simmons hands out. Those white guys filled his ears with that nonsense and now they cut the rug out from under him. Bob Erlich's money people were laughing at him last year.

Now, he has no place to turn but to the people who thunk this up. And they now face a breakthrough on all fronts. He doesn't have people to back him up. He just doesn't have the resources and the Dems have local money to spare.Cardin has local resources which means he doesn't have to rely on ActBlue help.

The fact is that the right blogosphere cannot raise the money to help their candidates and Steele is a victim of that.

posted by Steve @ 10:56:00 AM

10:56:00 AM

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