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Comments by YACCS
Monday, September 25, 2006

Another day, another pitch

And I won't be having drinks with
the Washington Kool Kids Klub

I was watching 60 Minutes last night, and as I listened to Katie Couric fuck up an interview with Condi Rice, I realized that she's in the wrong fucking job. Because I don't give a fuck what music Rice, the woman who's success was allowed by deferring to powerful men, work outs to. Although, I did find it weird that a 52 year old black woman likes to work out with Zeppelin.

Seriously, most black women her age like different music. Vastly different music. And her insistence in comparing the sandbox to the Civil Rights Struggle. Condi, no, the fucking shia aren't ready to have a multiethnic democracy while death squads kill people.

That simple observation is not one you'll see come from Tom Friedman, Daid Broder and the unethical New Republic. Which is insane.

Yesterday, we ran two pieces on the idiots Ana Marie Cox is getting for Time. Perry Bacon writes a piece where he gets everything wrong and shows the kind of ignorance I once saw in college,when some future wall street assclown asked if Pearl Harbor was a disaster. Not that she would notice. Then there's WATB Nyhan, a one man truth squad ready to slam liberals at the drip of a nose. Time paid them money. No, really, it did. While the reporters and editors at In These Times serve lattes in their off hours so they have a place to live. Bullshit which has to stop.

We have to make our own news because they think we're idiots. Cox wants to be the next Sally Quinn, but without the reporting chops or penchant for dating married men. If we don't do it, they'll give us Katie Couric forgetting we're not watching Today.

You wonder why blogs are important? Look at the imploding Allen campaign. Guess who got that started.

You're getting what you pay for. Sometimes it's nonsense, but a lot of times, it's things which
don't appear in other places.

Jen wanted me to mention that she doesn't really get money from the site, being a fancy Ivy League educated lawyer and all. In reality, I have to give her things because she contributes every day. She said to me the other day, among the nicest gifts anyone has given to her are the PS2 and iPod nano she got from me for working on the site. I would have paid to see the reaction of her secretary when that showed up.

But of course, Jen likes to downplay her role here because she doesn't think it's a big deal. I disagree and our friends disagree, of course, and I bet you would too. This site wouldn't exist without her, although she blushes when I say that. And when she did that, there wasn't any money to share, much less PS2's.

Best gifts ever? Wow, I wouldn't even expect that from my nephew.

As usual:

Stephen Gilliard
217 E86th St
NMB 112
New York, NY 10028

posted by Steve @ 9:23:00 PM

9:23:00 PM

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