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Monday, September 18, 2006

AFSCME to support Lieberman Lamont

The Army grows

TPM has this.

CT-SEN: Major Union Dumps Lieberman, Endorses Lamont

This is pretty big -- a major union which endorsed Joe Lieberman in the primary, Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, has just announced that it's dropping its endorsement of Lieberman and throwing its support to Ned Lamont:

Sal Luciano, the executive director of Council 4, announced the endorsement Sunday, saying that the union wants to see a congressional delegation able to stand up to the Bush administration.

"Since the Aug. 8 primary, we paid close attention to the remarks of both men," Luciano said. "We saw Joe Lieberman moving closer and closer to Bush, while Ned Lamont held firm in his strong opposition to the direction Bush is taking us."

Council 4 represents 35,000 members and is the state’s largest affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

My bet is that the rest of the AFL-CIO follows soon. Lieberman can raise all the money he wants, but who's going to hand out his lit? The closer he gets to Bush, the less relevant he becomes. This Third Way fantasy is comical. Bloomberg, ye of fat wallet and little charisma, and Lieberman, who thinks "non-partisan" means agreeing with Bush.

And Lamont's commercials are brutal.

I just don't think Lieberman makes it to election day. Once the polls turn, and they will, it's all over.

posted by Steve @ 12:46:00 PM

12:46:00 PM

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