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Comments by YACCS
Friday, August 18, 2006

Why don't the Republicans believe in the law?

George Bush being rewarded in
Tehran in 2009. The mullahs
thanked him for his help in
expanding Iranian influence from
the Gulf to the Mediterranean
All hail Darius the Fourth!!!!!!

Dear Steve,

Yesterday, a Democrat-appointed judge in Detroit sided with the ACLU and ordered an immediate halt to the terrorist surveillance program. This decision is a reminder of what is at stake in 2006. Will we use every tool in our arsenal to respond to emerging threats, or embrace the Democrat-ACLU position that just made it harder for our intelligence agencies to detect terrorist plots inside the United States?

Watch our new Web video, which exposes the Democrats' weak record on national security.

And if you are outraged by this latest development, will you sign the petition against this decision weakening the tools we need to fight the War on Terror?

Democrats like to talk tough, but when it comes to fighting the War on Terror, the record speaks for itself:

  • Republicans passed and have consistently supported the Patriot Act to disrupt terrorist plots. Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid bragged about "killing" the Patriot Act.
  • Republicans strengthened and reformed America's intelligence agencies. Democrats want to surrender the tools needed to track and monitor suspected terrorists.
  • Republicans have increased homeland security funding by 300% over the Clinton Administration, and increased funding for border control and border security by 66% over the Clinton Administration.
  • And finally, Republicans are committed to confirming fair-minded judges who won't re-write the Constitution. Democrat-appointed judges are the driving force behind decisions that would weaken efforts to track down terrorists.

See the record for yourself and take action by signing the petition against this outrageous decision.



Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

First, federal judges are judges. They aren't Democrat judges when they rule the way the Bushies want. Only when they uphold the law that the Bushies want to violate.

The Republicans failed war on terror has cost 2600 lives and bolstered Iran. The Iranians don't need a nuclear bomb, they just need a rubberstamp Republican Congress and two more years of Bush unleashed.

In 2009, Bush can collect his reward in Tehran for reestablishing the Persian Empire. Maybe they can call him Darius the fourth.

George Bush. Iran's greatest shah, the engineer of Shia expansion. Without Bush, Iran wouldn't be the dominant power in the middle east.

If someone had told you the war on terror would bolster Pakistani extremists and create an Iranian shia empire in the modern Middle East in 2001, people would call you insane. Now, it may be Darius the Fourth's greatest legacy.

posted by Steve @ 5:01:00 PM

5:01:00 PM

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