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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where are Joerus's legions

Who will rally with Commander

There's been a lot of panic about Lieberman continuing to run, but I think it's going to run out of gas fairly soon.


For all the support Rove and friends have given Lieberman, who's going to walk the districts and do lit drops for him. His DLC friends aren't going to get their hands dirty, the moderate Republicans can't organize their own party's voters and the churches have little motivation to support a pro-choice Democrat.

While this makes for interesting news in the dog days of summer, the Lamont campaign has many tools to drive up Commander Joerus's negatives without going nasty.

They can simply start with the fact that he doesn't believe in the democratic process, then move on to his demonstration that he attacks Democrats to benefit Republicans, even if it harms his own party. They then can boil it down to "trustworthiness". Ned Lamont does what he says and says what he means, professional politician Joe Lieberman will do whatever it takes to stay in
the Beltway, no matter what it costs.

Josh Marshall was freaking out over the fact that the Lamont campaign took a break. That they needed to crush Lieberman right away.

I see his logic, but I don't agree. Why? Because time is not Joe's ally. The longer this goes on, the more people realize they can lose something. John DeStefano, the Democratic candidate for governor, cannot be happy that Lieberman is using his opponent Jodi Rell's pollster. The House candidates cannot be happy he's sucking the air from their races.

Lieberman has already attacked Dems with GOP talking points and he's got Edwards and Kerry campaigning for Lamont. That list will grow.

But Lieberman's greatest weakness is that he has no campaign on the ground. Who's going to organize his volunteers? Who's going to do his lit drops? The unions are out, the Democratic Party machine is out, he can't buy field workers from the Democratic party.

Sure, NARAL is run by short sighted idiots, but most of his organizational endorsements will vaporize.

And which fundie church is going to campaign for a pro-choice candidate who will caucus for the Dems.

If a Republican jumps in this race, choice will be the issue which does Lieberman in. He's imagining a flood of volunteers, but the people who are writing nice things about him are not going to black neighborhoods to do lit drops or work in the Groton Boat Works. The DLC and friends don't campaign, they pontificate. And Lieberman needs bodies and staff. What Dem risks being blackballed from Dem politics by working for him?

It's not like Lieberman is going to get volunteers and support from the Internet. He has no web team to speak of. And when he builds one, they have no clue as how to use it to their advantage to reach a nationwide audience.

Lamont's team is still in place, they are going to hit the streets soon, in the places they know, and Lieberman will not be able to respond.

It's not California, he just can't go on TV and get support. He has to have people out in the street, and that black vote he lost in August, well, after another week of racebaiting, that's gone. He won't be in any black churches this time out.

Republicans are backing him because backing a traitor is always fun for a while, but they're gonna have to realize that they can't trust him either and that all he cares about is Lieberman for Lieberman.

posted by Steve @ 9:47:00 AM

9:47:00 AM

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