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Monday, August 28, 2006

A total failure

You know how on summer Sunday nights, you can bounce around TV?

Well, the Science channel had a how on surviving urban disasters. Normally, disaster shows are entertainment. But this one was anything but.

The host, Les Stroud, is usully stuck in the ass end of Ontario for a week, up in the woods or some other remote place. For Katrina, it was about surviving a flood.

Very different show to watch.

Katrina, has been, most of all, a failure of the American spirit.

My mother thinks Ray Nagin is a glib asshole.

"He thinks everything is funny"

Unfair, but then the stupid fucker opened his mouth about 9/11 and he can't even get the shit off his streets.

But we, as a nation, has failed New Orleans. Black and white.

Where are the Churches. Where are the industrialists? Black America is wealthy and we just stand by and watch the corruption and the failure and say little. It's easy for Juan Williams to take shots at Sharpton and Jackson, but it was them and Ned Lamont, not the Black Republicans talking about Katrina. Not any Republicans.

Bush's failure has been complete, moral, economic, inspirational. And he has plenty of company.

But the worst thing about Katrina is not the damage to New Orleans,but the flood of open racism which came after it. It seems that hatred came along with the flood for many people. As if natural desperation really was showing the animalistic negro, and some people ran so hard and fast with it, they decided to pick on Mexicans as well.

If the best were the rescuers, the worst were the hatemongers who reveled in the pain of the survivors of Katrina and they were many and frequent.

When people look back at Katrina, a lot of people will be judged to have done less than they could have.

posted by Steve @ 2:04:00 AM

2:04:00 AM

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