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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Senator from the Army of Northern Virginia

The good old days

VA-Sen: Allen's Confederate Flag "collection"
by kos
Fri Aug 25, 2006 at 06:00:13 PM PDT

Allen is a racist and a liar.

Once upon a time 13 years ago, there was a controversy about U.S. Sen. George Allen, then a candidate for governor, and his private Confederate flag--the one he displayed in his home in Earlysville.

When the story broke, Allen said it was part of a flag collection, giving people the possible impression that some sort of United Nations of flags adorned the Allen household, one of them the Stars and Bars.

That impression, accepted by the media covering the flag flap, apparently is untrue. Spin control from 13 years ago may have reached its half-life and deteriorated somewhat.

Today, two former officials who visited Allen's log cabin home at different times recall only up to two flags on display there, a Confederate flag and, on an opposite wall, an American flag.

And he thinks people who practice good bicycle safey are "sissies".

On Nov. 4 of last year, Grant recalls, Allen displayed another telltale sign of his personality as the GOP senator was joking around in front of a Republican crowd that was rallying in Albemarle for the party's statewide ticket and local candidates.

"During his remarks, Allen spotted me in the crowd and mentioned me as his former Earlysville neighbor," Grant recalled. "Then he made a public wisecrack about me with what he called, and I quote here, my `sissy helmet.'

"I was in the crowd in my tan suit holding my bicycle helmet, since I had biked to the rally from where I parked my car over near the Four Seasons neighborhood," Grant said.
"For the record, George Allen may consider wearing bicycle helmets as being sissy, but I don't. Being safe is not being a sissy," he said.

"Is it possible there is a trend here?" Grant asked, noting Allen's 1994 comment about knocking political opponents' " `soft teeth down their whiney throats,' reverence for Confederate flag decor, `sissy helmet' statements, and offensive cultural assumptions -- a la `macaca' -- about non-white U.S. citizens of other than his political persuasion."

Is it possible there's a trend? Talk about a textbook definition of "rhetorical question". This guy thinks he's running for president?

posted by Steve @ 12:43:00 AM

12:43:00 AM

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