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Friday, August 25, 2006

Reenforcements for Lamont

Hillary's imperial guard is coming.

CT-Sen: Hillary offers Lamont more than words
by kos
Fri Aug 25, 2006 at 08:49:10 AM PDT

Today, Hillary Clinton and her senior advisor and spokesperson Howard Wolfson met with Ned Lamont and his campaign manager Tom Swan. By all indications, the meeting seems to have gone well.

A source in the Clinton campaign has confirmed that Clinton will do "an event" with Lamont. While no one seems to know what form that event will take, the Clinton source said it was up to Lamont and Swan. Hillary would do whatever they asked.

In addition, Howard Wolfson will be joining Team Ned:

Howard Wolfson will serve on an advisory role [to Ned Lamont] to help coordinate the national democratic response to Lieberman.
Wolfson's specialty is rapid response, and it is in that capacity that he'll help Lamont and Democrats respond to whatever crap Lieberman and Dan Gerstein peddle.

Finally, Hillary will raise money for Lamont.

So personal time, a top advisor, and money. Not a bad haul.

(Now if anyone is wondering about the Big Dog, he's got a whole different political operation.)
Ok, no more bitching about Hillary being half-hearted, Arianna.

Wolfson is probably the one person in Hillary's operation I actually respect, besides Peter Daou. He helped Chuck Schumer into the Senate and is a pro. Dan Gerstein is a boy compared to him.

What this means is that Hillary is firmly in the Stop Joe camp.

More importantly, this sends a signal to the New York money people that she's committed to Lamont and they might want to not feed Joe money.

What do I think turned the tide? Besides the fact that Lamont is conventional and sane, internal polls can wake people up. His internals look good, his ground game looks good, his response is on target and smart, his webteam is up to snuff.

Lieberman can claim none of that.

But people have been talking as well. Whether it's a need to manuver with Kerry and Edwards or that despite what's in the blogs, people see the damage Lieberman is doing, Hillary has had
pixies whispering to her, saying "Joe must go".

What Wolfson is on board for is to blunt the Lieber/Rove talking points on the war, especially with New Yorkers who give to regional campaigns. They have to end this Lieberman thing quickly. Menendez needs help, the House races can be won, and Joerus the heretic stands in the way.

posted by Steve @ 3:57:00 PM

3:57:00 PM

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