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Friday, August 25, 2006

Racebaiting Charlie Rangel

You're 20 points down, black man

This came from the Strickland for Governor campaign in Ohio

In a stunning move, the Blackwell for Governor campaign today took the idea behind the Strickland for Governor factcheck blog,, and made a knockoff version called "Tell the Truth, Ted" (

Now, despite the fact that the site is ostensibly aimed at Ted Strickland, a shocking secret underlies the surface of the site. U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel (NY) is mentioned not once...not twice...but thirteen times.

Charlie Rangel is not from Ohio. Charlie Rangel is not a gubernatorial candidate in Ohio or, in fact, any other state. But with today’s salvo, it’s become obvious – Ken Blackwell is going after Charlie Rangel with everything he’s got.

Such a move is truly surprising, even to seasoned political veterans. It’s rare enough for a statewide political candidate to focus such a blistering assault on someone not on the ballot; it’s perhaps unprecedented to focus such an attack on someone who is in no way eligible to hold the position as he is not a resident of the state in question

No, Blackwell is trying to prove he isn't like those other negroes. Strickland is no better than a colored congressman from New York.

No one cares, Ken. You're too black for the wingnuts and too crazy for everyone else. You're probably going to lose by 30 points.

posted by Steve @ 7:04:00 PM

7:04:00 PM

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