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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Racebaiter Joe

CT-Sen: Race Baiting Centerpiece To Lieberman Campaign
by Armando
Wed Aug 16, 2006 at 11:27:33 AM PDT

Here's a thought - What difference is there between Joe Lieberman and NoMentum endorsing (h/t magnifico) George Felix Allen, Junior? "Not enough" difference.

The Lieberman Campaign makes clear that race baiting will be central to Joe's de facto Republican run:

Lieberman aides said that Mr. Lamont's association with Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson -- both of whom campaigned vigorously for Mr. Lamont -- was a political albatross that helped explain why Mr. Lieberman believed he could win over a majority of voters.

"Primary night was the first time that many Connecticut voters saw Lamont on TV, and he's surrounding himself with two of the more divisive and problematic figures in the Democratic Party," said Dan Gerstein, a veteran Lieberman aide who was appointed communications director for the campaign last week.

Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson? Joe didn't want their support? How about the support of any African-Americansin CT? John Lewis coming back to Connecticut Joe? What a despicable campaign and what despicable people are involved in it. More.

It is amazing how race baiting and Dem bashing have become the focal point of the Lieberman campaign. All pretense to being liberal or voting with Dems 90% has gone out the window.

Joe Lieberman (R) is the campagin theme, right down to the race baiting.

The Lamont campaign views things differently:

At the same time, Mr. Lamont is not abandoning his liberal allies, even those who might be polarizing figures in a state like Connecticut. The Rev. Al Sharpton, who drew notice for appearing on television behind Mr. Lamont during the candidate's primary victory speech, said yesterday that he spoke to the candidate by phone earlier in the day.

"I told Lamont, don't listen to the right wing saying you can't win with Sharpton and Jesse Jackson by your side, because you already did win with Sharpton and Jackson with you," Mr. Sharpton said. "He can't let the right wing pressure him in subtracting supporters from his side -- he has to focus on addition."

Any Democrats voting for Lieberman in Connecticut are making a statement about themselves now.

The mask has been ripped off. Joe Lieberman, race baiting Republican, has been revealed.

Now I think we now know why Lieberman said he would caucus with Dems yesterday, had nothing to do with principle. It was this and this -- causing the need for cover for Joe's DC friends.

Lieberman had not been an enemy of black people until this race. He got significant black support. There is no reason for this, except a lack of confidence.

Mark Green pulled the same shit in 2001. He let his supporters put out a cartoon of Freddie Ferrer kissing Al Sharpton's ass then insulted a room full of black pols. Which is why I call my vote for NY Attorney General "the anyone but Mark Green vote" I will never vote for him again for any office.

Gerstein and the rest of the Lieberman crew doing this should be exiled from Democratic politics.

Race baiting is a loathesome political tool.

posted by Steve @ 4:42:00 PM

4:42:00 PM

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