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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Race and reason

hot Marie Jon’ Ack-Shun!!1!
Posted at 3:06 by Brad R.

Marie’s writing for the Christian Worldview Network now! And she’s got a new picture posted!


Cute as a button, and twice as crazy. Check it:

Now boarding: Air-Infidel Airlines

By Marie Jon’

As I was eating my breakfast this morning — usually an uneventful engagement with a bowl of corn flakes, I pulled my face up out of the bowl long enough to glance at the television.

I’m picturing Marie sitting with her head flat down on the table, with her face completely soaked with milk and chunks of corn flakes. Suddenly, the television does something interesting! Marie jumps up and says “BLUGH MUGH MEEFOOO!” as milk and cereal spew out of her mouth and nose.

Alongside the 189 channels of “nothing good on,” the commercials tend to be over-done, or just plain insipid. However, this one got my attention.

Really? I kinda like the commercials myself. I have a huge man-crush on that Dr. Z asshole you see in those Daimler-Chrysler ads:

Oooh Dr. Z, with your freaky mustache and hottt German accent, u can get with Bradrocket anytime.

The backbone of capitalism, an intuitive entrepreneur had boldly taken up the challenge so badly needed in today’s politically correct and non-offensive society, sensationally illustrated by the inability of the American political class to come to grips with the necessity of racial profiling.

If you gave a monkey a jackhammer and had him go to work on the Rosetta Stone, the resulting tablet would still make more sense than whatever Marie just wrote.

A big-voiced and obviously Caucasian man of American roots breaks into his pitch as planes roar by and fly overhead:

“This is Air-Infidel Airlines; the airline for the rest of us.”

As corn flakes sputtered out of my mouth while nearly falling out of my chair, he commandingly went on:

“At Air-Infidel, we know who to look for, even if your Government is afraid to.”

The decor of the planes was a pinkish-tan color. Cartoon-like flying pigs were painted on the wing tips of the airplanes. The look was laughably eye- catching, and thunderously unapologetic in its message:

“White Power?”

“Here at Air-Infidel Airlines, we profile Muslims and men of Middle Eastern descent to the point of not allowing any of them on the planes. How about that? Now Granny and just about everyone else that is NOT Muslim can rest a bit easier knowing that here at Air-Infidel Airlines, 99.9% of the terrorist never even get to purchase a ticket, much less board the plane.”

As I listened to the commercial come to a close, I wondered if all those blond-haired, blue-eyed, one-legged, vegetarian, oboe-playing, Lutheran Norwegians — who everybody knows were definitely candidates for the terrorist watch list, will feel now that they won’t be so unceremoniously singled out as they were before.

Heaven knows we white people can’t be inconvenienced.

Sure, I’m having a bit of fun here, and at the expense of Muslims, that is true. That said though, is the concept so ridiculous? When the facts shout themselves silly pointing out that nearly every terrorist plot is hatched, designed, and perpetrated by Muslims and Arabs, maybe we do need an airline for the rest of us.

I hear this type of system used to work great back in South Africa.

But barring that, we have all heard of El Al Israel Airlines. It is as close to perfectly safe as one gets while flying. El Al’s safety record is impeccable. It adheres to the most restrictive rules and it screens every passenger. However, “Air-Infidel Airline’s” concept was even better; just ban Muslims, period.

Though Air-Infidel Airlines is totally fictitious, the issue of airline security is not. We all want peace of mind, and we all want to feel safe.

And we’ll do anything to get it, won’t we, Marie? We’ll ban Muslims from airlines, yes? And maybe… put them in camps too??!!! Ooh, that’s a delightful idea! I’m shocked no one has suggested it yet!

But feeling safe is not enough of a concern for Washington these days. It’s the political class who do not have the stomach to put to rest this ridiculous practice of political correctness.

Note how she declines to mention which political party is currently running all three branches of the federal government.

We are at war, and terrorist want to kill us. Islamic terrorist.

Terrorist want kill whites. Whites no like. Terrorist bad.

The Islamic fascists are serious in their intent to kill Westerners, so why shouldn’t the West be serious in its fight? Flights are being turned back almost daily, because the passengers are doing their own profiling by focusing in on the obvious. Though it is not their job, Mr. and Mrs. Main Street, USA are doing the job that President Bush and Congress ought to be doing.

Holy crap, I think she just criticized Bush for something. Sure, it was for not being crazy enough, but it’s a start.

OK, it goes on for a while, so let’s skip to the end:

The tools employed against terrorism to date, like The Patriot Act, warrant-less wire tapping, and the financial tracking of terrorist’ funds, are sensible and important programs that not only provide the American people some safety, but show that when politics are shelved for the greater good of the country, the country and its people always stand to benefit.

Disallowing the use of racial profiling because some guy from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says its “racist” makes about as much sense as putting out a fire with gasoline.

It’s time to put the political concerns — and the politicians that make them — aside and embrace reality. If pigs really could fly, Air-Infidel Airlines would be filled with concerned passengers who have always known just who it is that is trying to kill them.

I think she just called white people pigs, but I could be wrong. It’s always very, very, very, very hard to discern exactly what Marie is trying to say.

Wow, what about Turks or Chechens or Bosnians? Ooops

posted by Steve @ 12:27:00 AM

12:27:00 AM

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