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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Osama is laughing

Fear in action

Larry Johnson is right, the British flipped out over this.

There's a line in Miami Vice, "if you didn't do time with me, you don't do crime with me."

Which is to say, if you have a plot, which was penetrated early on by Mi-5, because these people couldn't keep their mouths shut, do you include 20 people, including teenagers?

I think not.

I think that Osama is laughing his ass off. Sure, no dead people, but plenty of panic.

Jen has called me three times since last night from Scotland. She went to the fringe festival in Edinburgh this week and is flipping out over her return flight.

Al Qaeda is using any idiots who want to join the team, and they cast a net so wide, MI-5 got inside of it. Sure, AQ plotted it, and it succeeded.

But, but, no one got killed.

However, air traffic across the Western world was snarled for hours, fear was ramped up and people were force to face the fact that AQ still can reach them.

Now, why is this? Because Osama and friends are still alive. They are up in the Hindu Kush and funnelling money to any plot that comes along. Why are they still alive? Because the US Army is in Iraq, and undermanned in Afghanistan, the war they thought they won in 2001.

And to top it off, Bush said Islamofacists in public. Not only does that prove he's an idiot, it is the perfect soundbite to insult Muslims. At a time when Hezbollah is kicking the IDF's ass, this might not be the thing you want to say. I'm sure this will play well in Iraq.

Fear is a weapon. It is as effective as a bomb, more deadly than a gun. Osama can scare governments with some low IQ morons. Osama has used fear to make Americans hop like a money, while the resources to kill his ass are used to patrol Baghdad.

America is less safe because of Bush's war in Iraq, the war he's losing. If Osama had to hop
from a brigade of US paratroopers, he might have other things to do than make video tapes and hire British kids.

posted by Steve @ 8:14:00 PM

8:14:00 PM

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