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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mr Gibson repents

Now, Mel Gibson is really sorry he made his crazy anti-Jewish comments.

And of course, ABC cancelled his Holocaust movie

But what else does his production company have in store?

The Ides of March

The tender love story of an SS officer and a nurse on the eastern front. Their tender love story, in the midst of war will leave audiences crying

Henry Ford, American Hero

Why hasn't Hollywood made a movie about one of the greatest Americans of all time? Mel Gibson sets to correct the historical record.

The Merchant of Venice

Well, he's done Shakespeare, so it's a second bite at the apple.

The Isolationists

Set against the background of the early part of WWII, this is a mystery about how the US was forced into WWII. A heroic reporter and a Senator's aide try to stop they slide into war as they are chased by mysterious British agents.

Arafat. a life

A documentary on the struggles and triumphs of Yasser Arafat.

Leo Frank: Guilty

After 90 years, a new documentary shows how Leo Frank did murder a match girl

Lindburgh, the unsung

The complicated life of an American hero with a German family.

With this new line up of projects, Gibson will regain America's love

posted by Steve @ 2:17:00 AM

2:17:00 AM

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