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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MIndbendingly stupid

This doesn't increase braincells

This is a prime example of why I no longer trust reporters about politics. Most of them have NO FUCKING CLUE about it. They believe what they are told and let me tell you, campaigns bullshit them all the tims and they never figure it out

Identity Crisis
William Greider

His suggested logic goes like this: the Dems will win the Connecticut senate seat by doing nothing from the national level, since it's either going to be Lamont or Lieberman. But if the party establishment provokes Joe by putting real heft behind Lamont's campaign, then it risks losing the seat. If Joe wins with the heavy support provided by Bush and Republicans, he may feel compelled to walk out.

Some Democrats--I hear this second-hand--are flirting with this "go limp" strategy. Others are arguing intensely that the party has no option except to put all of its weight behind the party nominee and, in effect, make damn sure Ned wins. Above all, they have to demonstrate their commitment to Lamont followers, those new rank-and-file forces who harbor deep skepticism about the party's timid leadership.

If Democrats fail to demonstrate their genuineness, they may very well create a much more serious problem for the party down the road. A Lieberman victory, regardless of how it occurs, would encourage the rebels and insurgents from within the party to skip party primaries as bogus events and run their challenge candidates in the general elections--just like wayward Joe.

These rebel challengers might not win, but they could rally enough dissenting voters to bring down a lot of incumbent Dems. Joe tossed party identity out the window; why shouldn't they?

This would be a far bloodier path to reinvigorating the Democratic party--bringing it down in order to rebuild it--but some reform agitators have noticed that it works. Fratricidal bloodletting was how the Republican Right got its groove and gained its power over the other party.


People bring up Jacob Javits, but they forget one thing. He didn't run as an independent. He ran on the liberal ticket, The Liberal Party was a party with an organization and bodies.

When you run as an independent, you have none of that available.

It really, really matters. More than money. Parties provide bodies. And there is no guarantee Lieberman is going to cash in on GOP money. Mostly talk for now.

posted by Steve @ 3:13:00 AM

3:13:00 AM

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