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Comments by YACCS
Friday, August 11, 2006

Let's cut the bullshit

Bush's legacy

The one thing that the Democratic Party and even some liberals will not say is this: Bush and Cheney are losing the war on terror and have no hope of winning it.

They are fantasists aided by Risk players who think war is like an especially brutal episode of the Sopranos, violent, but only the losers die. It is anything but. The US Army is losing in Iraq, losing, not tying or bringing the insurgency to a close, but losing, not because they can't outshoot the boys, but because the boys walk around with no masks, no fear and the ability to restrict US movement in the cities and countryside.

Some people look at this and say "why don't the soldiers resist? Why do they do this?"

A good answer is that people are trying to kill them, and they're damn good at their job. It's easy to be a pacifist in the US, but when every patrol you go on is watched, well, that's a damn different story. Blaming soldiers for the war is like blaming the welfare office for crying babies. They didn't make them and they can't control them.

We have true heroes, and some murderous scum in our armed forces. Sometimes in the same human, but for the pacifists who sneer at the soldiers or pretend to care more for Iraqis, they are missing the point. The Army doesn't pick wars, politicians do. And it is they who deserve our scorn. When you send 19 year olds to fight a war they weren't trained to, tragedy is the only possible outcome, even with the best intentions.

John Crawford, in his book, The Last True Story I will ever tell, he and his unit of Florida guardsmen try to help an Iraqi girl and orphan. One day, they pass by the house and it's burnt out and the people are gone. They tried to help, the neighbors took unkindly to it. Tom Ricks in Fiasco has another story, about paratroopers visiting a school and helping the kids and teachers. The neighborhood men said the women were having sex with the Americans and gave them dark looks.

The best intentions get people killed.

And Crawford's reward for his service? His wife comes to him and says "it would have been easier if you didn't come back".

Heartwarming, isn't it?

They are not the problem. It is the people who sent them there who are the real criminals. Like the men who unleash a pit bull in a yard full of children, you can shoot the dog, but unless you stop the man, it will happen again.

This is the deranged shit Lieberman said today

“I’m worried that too many people, both in politics and out, don’t appreciate the seriousness of the threat to American security and the evil of the enemy that faces us — more evil, or as evil, as Nazism and probably more dangerous than the Soviet Communists we fought during the long Cold War,” Mr. Lieberman said.

It's unhinged shit like this which cost you your job, Joe. Al Qaeda is some motherfuckers in a cave and halfwit wannabe James Bonds. It is not Grossdeutschland crossing the Dniper and blowing away T-34's and it's not the Group of Soviet Forces Germany.

To compare them to massive industrial societies with the power to conquer a continent is desperately sad.

If the enemy is so evil, where is the draft, where is the tax hikes to fight this war?

Because he's full of shit and so are the GOP. There arent three DD-214's between Bush and his advisors. They know about the Army from war movies and games, and asskissing staff officers. Not one has been hit with a pugil stick or hiked through the mud. But they know more than the generals. Dick Cheney thinks he's a tough man because he comes up with hairbrained plans like dropping the 82nd ABN on Baghdad Aiport as if Arnhem never happened.

The pundits and the Bushies are cowards bathed in the blood of soldiers and the innocent. And they think the sacrifice of others redeems them. Joe Lieberman sounds insanely desperate when talking about his war. He wouldn't fight in Vietnam, even opposed it. I wonder if he's been to the funerals of any Iraq War dead, visited any VA hospitals

Operation Yellow Elephant revealed the future of the GOP to be soulless fucking cowards, one and all. Ask them to enlist, they would rather suck dicks in San Quentin first. They want no part of the war they cheer on. They think they're tough men by kicking a woman when she's down or punching Joan Jett. They want no part of brain surgery, missing limbs and PTSD. But on they cheer.

The Democrats need to cut this bullshit and say the obvious, Bush and his war are a failure and as long as they are running it, we will continue to fail. The War on Terror is a war of failure, where we squander precious lives in Iraq to prove George Bush was a better man than his daddy.

Cut and run? Shit, the people bitching about this have no stake in either. It's not their kids flying into Dover seven days a week and making the ride to Walter Reed. We need to get out of Iraq, yesterday. The Iraqis can choose to kill each other or not, but it is their choice, not ours. Pretending otherwise gets more people killed.

posted by Steve @ 2:56:00 PM

2:56:00 PM

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