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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lessons my father taught me

Pugil Stick training

When I was a kid, I asked my father a lot of questions about his time in the Marines. Because I was one of those kids who asked questions and had opinions. I was also allowed to disagree with my parents on politics, but that's another story for another day.

Someone asked me why I would still write about, and or fuck with, the New Republic.

Well, my father told me a story about boot camp and the pugil stick drill.

Basically, two Marines go into a circle with a pole with two padded ends and beat the ever loving shit out of each other. I mean, the Drill Instructors get in their ass if they show a moment of hesistation. And they don't stop until one guy is on the ground gasping for air, not moving. Sure, they have helmets, but nobody forgets their time with the pugil stick.

The point he made to my young ears was that you didn't quit until the other guy couldn't get up. Not didn't get up, because the DI's would make him, but couldn't. You didn't have any choice.

Well, when it comes to TNR, we don't have any choice. Until they're totally discredited, a complete joke, we have to whomp their asses. Just go after them every chance we get. They have to be gasping for air when we finished.

Why? Because they are no longer bound by the truth. They will make shit up and used stolen e-mail to make their point, and lecture you on how right they are.

And the same has to do with Joe Lieberman.

The first battle any resistance has is not with the occupiers, but with their collaborators. TNR is dangerous because they claim to be liberals. For the Democratic Party to be reborn, collaborators like Lieberman have to suffer at the polls.

Vichy France was created to save France, to moderate the Nazis. It didn't work.

Which is why we call the DLC set Vichy Democrats. They are so afraid of Democratic virtues that they ran from them. They wanted to save the party, but they destroyed it. We lost control of the House and Senate for a decade because they wanted to compromise their way to power.

Just because Lieberman looks defeated doesn't mean you quit. You work harder to make sure he loses. You don't sit back and wait for the defeat. You get in his ass and don't quit until he's defeated. You ensure the defeat and then you watch the DLC crowd shit the bed, because they're next.

You don't quit when someone is down, you finish the fucking job.

posted by Steve @ 2:08:00 AM

2:08:00 AM

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