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Monday, August 07, 2006

Lamont for Senate

CT-Sen: Lamont for Senate
by mcjoan
Sun Aug 06, 2006 at 09:55:25 PM PDT

We've spent a lot of time in recent weeks talking about what is wrong with Lieberman, why Joe Lieberman has to go. Tonight, a more positive message, courtesy former Connecticut Democratic state party chair George Jepsen, on what Connecticut Democrats have to gain by electing Ned Lamont.

I have known Ned personally for two decades. He is intelligent, accomplished and principled. Blessed with a self-deprecating wit, he will be one senator who does not take himself too seriously. A successful businessman who has grown good jobs with benefits in Connecticut, Ned has also repeatedly given back to his community, including teaching underprivileged children as a volunteer in the Bridgeport public schools.

The Lieberman campaign has made Joe's bipartisanship a hallmark, contending that Ned will be marginalized in the Senate. Unlike Joe, Ned understands that you don't need to vote with the Republicans to work effectively with them when bipartisanship is needed for good government. Politics is the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable, one mastered by plenty of congressional Democrats, including Joe's Connecticut colleagues, who have maintained their ideals while building relationships across the aisle. . . .

. . . Make no mistake: Businessman Ned Lamont is a very mainstream Democrat. His candidacy would have no legs if limited to the left or to the war. If, as appears likely, Ned wins Aug. 8 - after starting 50 points down, despite being outspent nearly 2 to 1, and with negligible support from the Democratic establishment or from liberal interest groups, including the party's largest left-wing constituency, organized labor - it is because mainstream Democrats feel deserted by Joe not just on the war, but on most major issues in these critical times.

Above all, Ned Lamont shares our Democratic values and - as we have seen in the past six months - is unafraid to stand up for them. His priorities are universal health care, balanced budgets, progressive taxation, job creation, quality education, civil rights and civil liberties, including a woman's right to choose, economic justice, a secure Medicare and Social Security, and a clean environment. His agenda is one of change and hope, standing in sharp contrast to a Republican agenda of fear and division.

Our Connecticut Democratic ticket in November will be stronger with Ned Lamont on it because he will drive Democratic turnout. Thousands of Democrats who would otherwise feel voiceless will go to the polls for Ned, helping in turn every Democrat on the ticket. . . .

Together, we can send a message to America in August and in November. The message is that there are issues and values worth fighting for, and that Connecticut Democrats are not afraid to fight. Get to know Ned Lamont as I have. He will be the positive voice for change that we need. You will be proud you helped send him to Washington.

posted by Steve @ 2:48:00 AM

2:48:00 AM

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