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Monday, August 14, 2006

Joe, quit before things get nasty

ice weasel
Treason is an ill fitting suit

Dear Sen. Lieberman,

No need to lie, I think your defeat was a first step in recovering from our 9/11 induced hysteria. The fear we felt and had stoked like a boiler fire by the Republicans and the media is now fading.

However, you're seeking to stoke it some more because you can't face losing.

You lost, your Senatorial career is over. Your friends are telling you this, nicely, well, except for Hillary Clinton, that you need to think of a career post politics. All that matters is how you leave public life, and frankly, it's off to a shabby start.

I know people confuse their job with their person, but people are elected, not appointed to the Senate. Therefore, your claim that the election wasn't representative is bullshit, for lack of a better term. You have run as a democrat, and now you should abide by the results. This unseemly negation of the voter's decision is only ruining your reputation and makes you look like a putz.

Your friends are trying to talk you down, get you to realize that the Republican praise will ultimately doom you, that you are being led down the path to failure by those who call themselves your friends.

In the end, your reputation of statemanship will be in tatters, a hollow joke of what once was.

Your Democratic friends will tolerate your nonsense for only so long, before the start playing hardball and cut off your money and run you into the ground. They can smell victory and they see you blocking the way.

Retire in dignity or in humilation, it is up to you.

posted by Steve @ 2:16:00 AM

2:16:00 AM

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