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Comments by YACCS
Monday, August 21, 2006

I find this amusing

I have no ties to Iran

Barbara Starr is discussing a strike on Iran if they don't stop enriching uranium tommorow. I mean, it wouldn't be tomorrow, but it would come soon.

Why do I find this amusing?

Because before one bomb falls on Iran, the US Army will be facing a massive Shia rebellion. While that, clearly is not amusing, the idea that the US could bomb Iran when the Iraqi government is owned lock, stock and barrel by Iran is amusing, in it's own way. Because at some point, reality has to enter the picture. Iraqi shia are not going to let us bomb Iran and smile at us.

All this talk about ending of the world and World War III is just so much noxious bullshit. It's a way for small men to feel big. It has nothing, repeat nothing, to do with reality. They want to fight grandpa's war and it isn't happening. So they make shit up, they write fantasies.

The reality is that the US Army will be lucky to leave Iraq in one piece. The Iranian government are the prime backers of the Iraqi government. It is filled with Iranian spies from top to bottom. We cannot so much as scout the border without the Iranians know this.

These guys like fights but never imagine losing. Even people on the left cannot imagine an American Army retreating in defeat, leaving their weapons and bases behind as they scramble to get out of the country. But it can happen, and without a Iranian soldier crossing the frontier.

Let the Iraqis find out we're bombing Iran and see how long the Iraq war lasts

posted by Steve @ 5:48:00 PM

5:48:00 PM

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