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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Glug glug,

Sisyphus Shrugged has this up.

Back in the twilight world of the Republican primary for our junior Senator's seat, another magic moment with KT McFarland

For those of you outside of the NYC area, Staten Island is the only borough of the five that make up the city which reliably votes Republican, and is very much the darling of the Republican mayors they've helped to gift us with over the last twenty years (and yeah, Ed, I mean you too).

They feel very strongly about the respect they deserve from Republican politicians on Staten Island. Get it, too. They receive funding from the city far in disproportion to the taxes they pay, like a little internal suburb. Shoring up the wobbly career of Mr. Fossella, their far-to-the-right congressman with the little Abramoff problem (and the muppet problem, and the misuse of campaign funds problem - he's a diverse kinda guy), is sort of a pet project for our Mr. Bloomberg.

Mr. Fossella has endorsed Mr. Spencer, but McFarland has put her time in on the island anyway - she launched her "kitchen talk tour" there - so she must think she needs it.

Which is why it's kind of sad that no-one on the team of Ed Rollins and some young socialites with time on their hands who appear to make up her campaign staff couldn't see the problem with this, from a campaign e-mail to her supporters
We started the weekend on Friday at the Staten Island Ferry and KT greeted passengers on the New York side.

In weeks to come, I predict campaign appearances on the New York side of the midtown tunnel, the New York side of the Brooklyn Bridge, a New York stop of the 1/9, and the New York side of 96th St.*

For his part, Mr. Spencer followed up the five-minute wonder that was the internet release of the anti-"facist" ad linking Hillary and bin Laden he couldn't afford to put on TV with another ad linking Hillary and Ahmadinejad that he can't afford to put on TV, and was roundly ignored. His campaign is also apparently claiming the much-coveted (!) Liddy Dole endorsement, which he doesn't, technically, have.

Earlier trainwreck coverage, as ever, here.

*not really those last two

posted by Steve @ 12:16:00 AM

12:16:00 AM

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