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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get Republicans Elected Every November

But Silky said we needed this

PA-Sen: Green candidate got all his money from Republicans
by kos
Tue Aug 01, 2006 at 03:09:35 PM PDT

It's even worse than the AP suggested, as TPM Muckracker dug into the story.

It's worse than we knew. Is the Green Party candidacy in the race for Rick Santorum's seat a wholly Republican sponsored affair?

As reported today by the AP and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Green Party managed to get their candidate Carl Romanelli on the ballot with a costly petition drive, which was mostly funded by contributors who had also given to Rick Santorum's campaign. The party raised $66,000 for the effort, all of which they spent on a private company to collect signatures. TPMmuckraker was able to establish that at least $55,000 of that came from conservatives [...]

The Inquirer reported that $40,000 came from donors who either had given to Santorum's campaign or lived at the same address as a Santorum supporter. But even more than that came from Republicans. That raises the question whether any of the $66,000 - which compromises the total sum collected by both the local Green Party and Romanelli (with the exception of his $30 contribution) this election cycle - came from actual supporters of the Green Party.

The Muckracker's Paul Kiel traced a total of $55K of the $66K to Republican sources. There are just three donors unaccounted for, but Kiel noted that none of them had ever given to the Green Party before -- a party, incidentally, that hadn't received a dime before June. Then, suddenly, $66K came in. In a single month.

The Green Party in Pennsylvania is now a wholly-owned suibsidiary of the state Republican Party.

No, the Green Party is run by the dumbest set of motherfuckers since Doug Feith and his crew.
Does this assclown Romanelli think he's playing the GOP? Does he?

This kind of stupidity is the reason that the Greens are a joke. Yeah, Bob Casey is to the right, and he's not getting my money, but Santorum has to go. It's just that simple.

They're like runaways turned out by their pimp boyfriend who "needs the money". They're too dumb to realize how they're being used. Do they think they're going to "get their message out"? Do they think they're outsmarting the GOP?

The Dems aren't left enough for them, so they go to the right. Logic right out of Stalin telling the German communists to not fight the Nazis, because things would get so bad that the communists would eventually win. Jesus fucking christ. What idiocy.

Here's the deal: politics as temper tantrum suck. People need sane people in office more than you need to feel right. I could give a shit about Bob Casey, but Santorum has to go. My lab partner is a monkey could do a better job than Santorum.

This lack of political smarts dooms the Greens. While Kos and Atrois and a bunch of people are fighting to elect Democrats who will stand up to Bush, the Greens get in the way. No tactical sense, no common sense. How much would the Dems owe them if they worked on state races? If they did GOTV? This? All this does is tell people that the Greens are a threat and threats must be dealt with.

We can't afford the Greens no more.

posted by Steve @ 12:32:00 AM

12:32:00 AM

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