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Monday, August 07, 2006

The friends of Joe Lieberman

We commin' to savez you Joe, Orks rulz

Before we get to the reason Lieberman should be retired, let's deal with the miserable motherfuckers who are his "friends".

Dan Gerstein is a lying sack of shit. He led the online offensive to define Lieberman's critics as the online adjunct of the American Nazi Party. No matter how many Jews were critical of Lieberman for a variety of issues, not one mainstream blogger raised the issue of his religion.

Gerstein has yet to offer one post in proof of his freely issued libel of most of the blogosphere.

Make no mistake, labelling people anti-semitic in American politics is a death sentence. They wanted to cow the entire left blogosphere into silence. So they lied about what we wrote. When challenged, one reader found some hard right posts and one Kos Diary where the writer was eaten alive by the readers. And to do that took a detailed Google search. There hasn't been any anti-semitic attack on Lieberman on any blog people read regularly.

How do we know this? Because when Jane Hamsher published an illustration of Lieberman in blackface, it was in the national media the next day. If someone in a major blog had unleashed Jew Hatred on Lieberman, it would have been all over the news.

But Gerstein is a small fry.

Look at the wingnuts who have rushed to defend Lieberman, Imus, Coulter, Hannity. What Democratic senator would want their support? He says he's a good Democrat but look at his friends. They're they foulest collection of bigots in public life. They love Lieberman because they can trust him. He's loyal to them, or to himself, either way, it works for them

These people launch their endorsements and think this will help a Democratic senator in a Democratic primary?

Lieberman didn't denounce Coulter after she insulted the 9/11 widows. Why would he? They weren't important.

Then we have the Marshalls, Marshall Wittman, and Will Marshall. Marshall one needs to shut the fuck up. No one gives a shit what he thinks. Let him kiss McCain's ass again.

Will Marshall needs a long night of the soul. The DLC has been failing for years, time has passed it by, Lieberman was just the most extreme example the defeatist policies they stood for. Now, they try to scare people away from sensible Ned Lamont. I mean, old family Conneciticut WASP, so old that colleges across the region has the family name somewhere. The GOP oppo guys dug hard and found what? A hereditary membership in the local country club.

The DLC wants to win, and has no clue on how to do it, except by apeing the Republicans.

Now, we're coming up on the Beltway pundit class, out of touch with America and reality. They love Joe and Joe loves them. They get everything wrong, but theyre standing by their man Joe. And he loves the attention they give him, the parties, the TV shows, the interviews. Only problem, it's all about him and not the people he serves.

Finally we come to the Congress. I can understand his peers supporting him, but Bill Frist and Tom Delay?

At no point did Lieberman realize that what started out as bipartisanship ended as collaboration. They support him because they know who he serves.

I nearly forgot Joe's support system, TNR.

Marty Peretz, in a bizarre and self serving column, in of all places, the Wall Street Journal, defended Lieberman and then said Karl Rove would rejoice if Lamont won. Give me a fucking break. If Rove would rejoice why is all the GOP vermin coming out of the woodwork.

If Lieberman goes, TNR is next.

posted by Steve @ 6:58:00 PM

6:58:00 PM

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