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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Democratic Loser's Council

Yeah, that fucking hurts, right?

You know, the clown car that's the DLC is whining about being called the sad assed fucking losers they are.

So let me put in a way even a 12 year old could understand.

The DLC is as useful as a naked Playboy model on Mykonos during the summer tourist season. Or a celebacy convention during Spring break, or tits on a bull.

You pick, either way, the day of the DLC is over. You can't win elections, you can't support candidates, and you rather lecture Dems in the Wall Street Journal over having a discussion. For all your ranting on blogs and bloggers, Josh Marshall and Kos actually have respect for you.

Me, I respect you like a cop respects a pimp. You've fucked up for so long, have so little clue as what to do to win, you should be working for Peter Angelos. No, Dan Synder. No, Jimmy Dolan. Al From, Ed Kilgore, Will Marshall, they're losers, big fucking losers. Rich Kotite losers. People who have no clue as to what a winning gameplan is.

If Tom Swan was nice enough, you might be allowed to fetch his coffee and see what a winning Democratic campaign looks like. Because you don't fucking know. Paul Hackett scared the shit out of you folks.

You tried twice to make Kos disappear and that didn't work.

Here's a hint, you useless pieces of shit: no one trusts you. Oh yeah, your advice sucks ass. Lieberman followed it. Look where he is.

You don't get it, so let me clue you in. Bloggers are the point men and women for a lot of Americans who are sick of your bullshit, your failure. So pick on David Sirota all you want, because that's all you're good at.

posted by Steve @ 1:22:00 AM

1:22:00 AM

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