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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beyond Lieberman-Lamont

People have been saying, what about the other races, why is there so much emphasis on Lieberman-Lamont when other people are running.

Ok, I haven't given to anyone, including Lamont, in this cycle. So I can't tell you where to send your money. But I can point out what races do need some attention.

Brown-DeWine Ohio

This could be a real pickup for the Dems, considering the moribund state of the Ohio GOP

Webb-Allen Virginia

Allen is losing his shit really quickly. His little racial slip has created an opening for Jim Webb and his campaign team.

McCaskill-Talent Missouri

Jim Talent is a hack who deserves to lose and McCaskill is running a smart campaign

Tester-Burns Montana

Jon Tester came from behind to beat the DLC candidate and has the ability to beat the decrepit Burns outright

Menendez-Kean New Jersey

Tom Kean Jr. is a lying bastard trying to use his daddy's name to get to the Senate. This race hasn't heated up yet, but it will.

Ford-Corker Tennessee

Harold Ford wants to be President. But to do that, he has to get up the political ladder. While some people are enthusiatic about this race, I'm hoping he wins, but I expect the race card to explode off the table.

Casey-Santorum Pennsylvania

It's big tent test time. Casey is pro-life, but Santorum is so repellent I'd vote for almost anyone first.


Kos has a list of the House and Senate races he's backing

Edwards-Wynn, D Primary Maryland

Donna Edwards humiliated DLC lackey Albert Wynn in a debate. She could do a lot better than he can in that seat.


Granholm-DeVos Michigan

Dick DeVos is connected to Blackwater mercenaries and Amway.

Strickland-Blackwell Ohio

Crazy Ken is the tool of the wingnuts and 20 points down. He should stay that way. He scares the moderates and some folks ain't sending him nowhere.

Rendell-Swann Pennsylvania

Another beatdown. Franco Harris is campaigning for Rendell.

Angelides-Schwartzenegger California

A lot of people, like Kos, are unhappy with the way this race is playing out, but Arnold should be vunerable to a challenge especially when there is such discontent with the GOP across the country and over immigration.

posted by Steve @ 3:03:00 PM

3:03:00 PM

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