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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Chaos Marines, follow me

The reason so much attention has been paid attention to the Lamont-Lieberman race is that it has a lot of elements in it. It has incumbency, a real challenge, and ideas. Joe Lieberman is in trouble, not because he fucked a kid, or cheated on his taxes, but because of his ideas.

He has lost his base, the white, middle class voter. He is now battling for black votes, but with the kind of racist contempt once reserved for Republicans. He thinks that black voters will respond in some pavlovian manner to his appeal. He's called Lamont a racist as if black people are going to forget his anti-affirmative action stands and calls for vouchers. He hasn't listened to black voters for years.

This is the kind of arrogance which elected Mike Bloomberg mayor. Mark Green got in a room full of black elected officials and said "I don't need you to get elected, I need you to govern." This, after his people sent out a racist flier showing Freddy Ferrer kissing Al Sharpton's ass.

Well, they stayed home and kept their people home and Bloomberg got 28 percent of the black vote.

Now they're bitching about some illustration on HuffPo showing Lieberman in blackface. Not the best decision, but fuck it, he's been insulting black voters intelligence for weeks. Why not have him go all the way?

The best thing is that the Weekly Standard is whining that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were going to campaign for him, until they realized Sharpton and Jackson were with Lamont and they didn't need the hassle. When the fuck has the Weekly Standard cared about what the CBC did or said?

But what is this really about?

If Lieberman goes, the war party loses their cover. Schumer, Clinton, they don't go far enough to cover Bush, but Lieberman does and that's why they need him around and are talking about purges. Without Commander Joe, there is no Democratic cover for Bush. Nelson doesn't count. And I think Ken Salaazar will be learning a sharp lesson about being played. Lieberman doesn't work with Republicans, he covers for them with that whiny monotone of his.

And his arrogance is unbound. He's bringing in College Reactionaries to save his ass. Unbelievable.

Sean Smith is either an idiot or the unluckiest man in politics. This is an insult to Dem voters, especially black voters, dragging in the reactionaries. They should have no business in this. Does he think that they're going to hang around? It's a blue state, they aren't going to send a Republican to the Senate, not when Bush is extremely unpopular.

Then, of course, if Lieberman loses, and word is that his ass is in trouble, he will fire his staff and hire dirt merchants to win, I guess from the likes of Arthur Finkelstein, the gay, Republican dirt merchant, and others on the Rove approved list.

Commander Joe has friends like Tom DeLay, who just said on Hannity and Colmes that he supports Lieberman. Thanks, soon to be convicted felon DeLay. The man who sought to isolate and demonize the Democratic party is supporting Lieberman.

Do you really need to know anything else about the man?

posted by Steve @ 3:12:00 AM

3:12:00 AM

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