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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wow, They really do teach history badly in America

No matter what you say, she still
hates black people

The Poor Man institute has this post up, my comments to follow.

Following in David Horowitz’s ever-unfortunate footsteps, token black wingnut La Shawn Barber juxtaposes liberals’ cruel attacks on neo-Nazi jailbait pop group “Prussian Blue” with their complete silence on the continued existance of the NAACP. Oh, the hypocrisy! She bloviates:

If defending and advocating for your race is a bad thing, it should be bad across the board. Disband the congressional black and hispanic caucuses. Shutter the NAACP, which has become nothing more than a clique of partying elitists who give out awards to pedophiles. Why are racial minorities allowed to honor their race, while whites are not? Why is there a stigma against being proud of your white skin, but not black or brown skin?

And she doesn’t even mention how the NAACP sells crack to finance vote fraud! Which is, like, totally true!

I’m going to say this e-x-t-r-a s-l-o-w-l-y so maybe even the terminally stupid Ms. Barber can understand:

1. Fun fact about white people: we can, and do, join white ethnic organizations all the damn time, and nobody says anything. When you poke your head in the local Polish-American club, do not expect to see a Benetton ad. Expect to see lots and lots of white people. Ditto the Italian-American club, the endless Irish-American organizations, etc., etc. It all seems rather pointless to me, but they tend to have cheap beer, so I keep these sorts of idle opinions to myself.

2. There’s nothing necessarily racist about having an umbrella “white pride” organization - I know of no fundamental physical law which would force it to be racist - it’s just that nobody but racists seems to have any real interest in joining and/or forming such a group, and it is awfully difficult to imagine what practical, non-racist rationale such a group would have for existing. In most parts of the country, you can’t whip a Kenny G CD without pegging at least three white people, so most white people tend to spend a lot more time trying to avoid each other than seeking each other out. In addition, white people generally don’t have a lot in common with other white people. There’s only so long we can make small talk about different brands of sunscreen before it comes out that someone converted someone else’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather to Christianity at swordpoint or blighted someone else’s great-great-grandfather’s potatoes, and then things can become quite awkward quite quickly. If white people want to get together and just kind of “get your white on”, well, knock yourselves out, but I promise not to be offended if you forget my invitation.

3. Prussian Blue are Nazis. They were raised in the National Vanguard/National Alliance neo-Nazi movement. They throw Nazi salutes in concert. The name “Prussian Blue” is apparently a coded shout-out to a certain theory of Holocaust denial. I know you hate liberals and everything; and, not being you mom, I would never presume to tell you who your friends should be; but maybe, just maybe, you don’t really want to be legitimizing Naziism while you’re at it. So I want you to think extremely carefully here.

There's a chart on the site which explains the handy differences.

Barber, like many a black conservative, thinks that if we just stopped complaining so much that white people would like us.

But she's such a lazy thinker, even her "friends" at Ass Clown Media make fun of her. I think it's archived. I know she doesn't spout this nonsense at church, or if she does, people look at her like she's insane.

Prussian Blue would call her a nigger to her face. They're just that hateful. So, Barber, who routinely threatens to report posters to the FBI when they disagree with her, writes yet another post which only proves they teach history badly in the US.

The reason the NAACP was formed, LaShawn, was because white people used to murder black people, men, women, children, on the slighest pretext, without benefit of trial.Then have a picnic.
She also has a confederate flag on her site, for what reason I have no idea. Maybe she thinks white people will like her better. And, no, they shouldn't have given an award to R. Kelly, but has he been convicted of anything?And does it invalidate the entire organization?

See, that's the issue for her. It's acceptance. Even after being ignored and insulted by the Ass Clown Media crew. Lord, debating her would be like a verbal version of the Marianas Turkey Shoot, she would limp away defeated at the end, because she's just not as bright as she thinks she is, and that always causes problems.

You can be a conservative and not defend people who want to see you dead. Prussian Blue comes from a special strain of crazy backwoods Nazi, the Gaede family and defending them is like trying to live with grizzly bears. One day, they'll eat you while you scream.

posted by Steve @ 7:30:00 AM

7:30:00 AM

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