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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why dating 19 year olds is a bad idea when you're 47

Diana Bianchi

This popped up in the news yesterday and is as funny as hell

Teen's on brink of suing him


Diana Bianchi, the 19-year-old at the center of sex scandal that has the East End all atwitter, may sue her much older paramour, Peter Cook. His marriage to Christie Brinkley seems kaput.

The ravishing teen at the center of Christie Brinkley's marital meltdown is a "naive girl" who is now mulling legal action against the supermodel's husband, her lawyer said yesterday.

Peter Cook, 47, caused "substantial and irreparable harm" when he showered aspiring singer Diana Bianchi, 19, with luxurious gifts - including a Nissan Maxima - and then seduced her behind Brinkley's back, the lawyer said.

"It amounts to preying on an innocent, young and naive girl who would otherwise have no attraction to a 50-year-old man," lawyer Joseph Tacopina said. "He offered her money, a job, career advancement. And when he got her comfortable, he made his real intentions known."

He said while Bianchi isn't under age, she was "right at the limit" when the two met. The age of consent in New York is 17.

"I don't think he bought her a car because he's a philanthropist. It's just outrageous," said Tacopina, who is working in tandem with civil lawyer Rosemarie Arnold. "Her eyes are starting to become open. We're evaluating our legal options."
Bianchi's lawyer, meanwhile, denied a National Enquirer report that her stepdad, Brian Platt, a Southampton Village cop on medical leave, approached Brinkley and Cook and threatened the architect.

"[Platt] spoke to this guy on two individual occasions to say that 47-year-old men don't belong with 19-year-old girls, but it wasn't a threat," Tacopina said. "He was trying to protect a young, teenage girl who's now thrust in the middle of a celebrity divorce scandal."

He doesn't want the cop admitting to threatening him because it doesn't look good. But some guys are just greedy. He had a beautiful wife, so now he wanted a teenaged mistress? Did he think her family was going to be cool with this?

But the reason this is of intetest is that he was her boss. And that means a sexual harassment suit.

It's one thing to be stupid, but to fuck your 19 year old employee and buy her a car? That's in the land beyond stupid. She's cute as hell, but she's 19.

Jen here. Doing a rare bit of posting before work. My 2c: Did anyone else catch this girl on Fox 5 News in NYC last night? A truly sickening performance. She was on the air with "the full support of her parents," in an effort to "set the record straight." She tried to come off all starry-eyed and naive, which she may have been. However, the follow-up commentary from the staff--"she's just a kid" really made me want to hurl.

Bottom line: She fucked a married guy and took lots of expensive gifts from him. Harassment my ass. It wasn't like she was trying to call it off and HE kept haranguing her--now THAT would be harassment, provided she was still working for him.

The fact that this girl's parents (and yeah I keep using that word--just because she's a bimbo doesn't mean she's not legal) are grooming her for the media shows where her real interests lie--a fat payday at the courthouse.

There's enough sleaze here on all sides to soil the Astrodome.

posted by Steve @ 12:30:00 AM

12:30:00 AM

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