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Comments by YACCS
Friday, July 21, 2006

Where are the anti-semitic bloggers?

These are Nazis

Congressman Jerry Nadler went on some rant in the Daily News about left wing blogs and some anti-semitic comments. Of course, he didn't name anyone.

Because he's full of shit.

Come on, anti-semitism, like open racism, isn't only despicable, it loses readers. It isn't a way to build an audience unless you like cretins. I haven't seen a blog post from a left blogger which could come close to open Jew hatred, and few comments, and they don't stay up long. I don't think the readers here, or at Firedoglake, or Kos or Eschaton want to read the drippings of some idiot who worships Hitler or engages in the sly WASPy version of Jew hatred.

People have many reasons to criticize Joe Lieberman, his religion isn't one of them. His blind support for Likud and his successor, which even Israelis object to is one thing, but that isn't anti-semitism, it isn't bias, it's politics. Just like his blind support for the Iraq war is an issue.

Are there people who say anti-semitic things on the left? Sure. But there are also people who are raw food vegans. Both are really rare.

I personally don't have any tolerance for someone who thinks ZOG controls America's government. Yeah, JP Morgan and Henry Rockefeller were Jews. Nor does anyone else I know.

But this isn't about anti-semitism, but discreting the left. Maybe 30 years ago, support for the PLO might have been a political fashion statement, but now? Who in their right mind supports Hamas or Hezbollah in the US?

So, when unable to demonize us with the public in any other way, they start a whispering campaign. First, they tried to say Kos was on the pad, and that blew up in their faces. The New Republic became an online joke in a weekend.

They are unable to see the sloppy and arrogant way Lieberman handled his home town consitutents, not seeing what Harold Meyerson pointed out last week in the WaPo, Connecticut wants to dump moderate Republicans for Dems, why would they keep Lieberman?

But what's even more despicable, is that the Lieberman campaign won't call his critics Jew hating bastards, he lets his Washington friends whisper and slime people who don't support his politics. I mean where is the evidence of these attacks? Who's making them? We certainly wouldn't support such a person.

In the end, such scurrilous attacks are a sign of weakness, not only among the Lieberman campaign, but the Beltway Dems. They can't have an honest debate about politics, so they play the Jew hater card, and slime honest people, including Jews, for not supporting Lieberman.

posted by Steve @ 2:20:00 AM

2:20:00 AM

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