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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

When Nazis squabble

Joachim, get off my foot

Jesus General has been running posts on the squabbling within some Nazi group.

These are some of the posts from his comments. Too good not to share

I haven't been to yet to see what the Founding Father of NSM is catching so much hell about, but people are upset. The honorable Bill White says 80% have quit the movement. Here's a sampling of their rants:

You know, back in the 1970's there was a "Nazi" outfit out in California called "World Service". It issued some pretty "slick" materials...the ONLY "problem" WAS - they were OPENLY "PRO-HOMOSEXUAL"! I MEAN...they were QUEER "NAZI'S".

Now Comrades, just WHERE do we National Socialists who ARE sincere, who ARE hard-core, who ARE "normal NS"...DRAW the LINE? And it HAS to be drawn SOMEWHERE. Doesn't it? The "nsm" is a garbage can of dysfunctionals - its "Kommander" is a self-confessed BURGLAR/FELON who refuses to hold real employment, its "Chairman" is a "SATANIST", its Indiana "State Leader" John Snyder is on the registered SEX-OFFENDER list ( I believe, minors...) its "head of ss-security" (jeez! ) is reportedly an AMERI-INDIAN...NEED I go on?

Yet, "this movement" not only TOLERATES these "people"...but, "accepts" them as "representatives" of National Socialism - "BECAUSE" they "dress-up" in some kind of a home-made, make-shift "COSTUME"! Looking at the above, and they are only a FEW I could pose as ANY of you, honestly believe for one second that Adolf Hitler would have ASSOCIATED with these "TYPES", much less ALLOWED them into HIS movement?

Just one more:


Chances are you dont know me but I am the leader of a very small NS group known as National Socialist Evolution. .... I and National Socialist Evolution can no longer support nor merge with the NSM. I am begining the matinance of the NSE website again and its propaganda wing. ....

I, Personally am an ordained reverend and a christian. My christian and National Socialist values conflict with those held by the NSM leadership and can no longer offer my, or my organizations support to them.

I am planning on the possible creation of several National Socialist media outlets and etc and I was wondering if I could keep in touch with you as a possible contributor or source for News within the movement and advice?

Heil Hitler,
Rev. Eric of National Socialist Evolution
Wow, they don't all love each other?

posted by Steve @ 1:56:00 AM

1:56:00 AM

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