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Comments by YACCS
Monday, July 31, 2006

The virtual press gang

Join up or else

Someone alerted me to this "pitch"

Affiliate marketing partnership offer - Get $2,000 For Enlisting A Soldier

I am looking for someone to help me develop sites based around this national guard recruiting affiliate program. I am already registered with the program and passed all their recruiting tests. All I need to do now is start feeding it leads. You make $2,000K for every soldier that enlists and goes to basic training. Really not that hard as most soldiers gather information about joining the Army National Guard through the net. Advertising would be cheap as there is not much competition here (just do a search on Google for National Guard). There are NO limitations on how many people you can get to sign up, and from where you can get them to sign up from. Im thinking getting 100 people a year to sign up is not impossible. Thats $100K. Expenses would be very minimal. However, the catch is that all of you guys/gals won't be able to join this affiliate program because your not currently in the national guard. If you want to join let me know, I've been in for four years and I am currently an army officer; I can give you the low down. Anyhow, any developers and webmasters out there that are interested in making some of the sickest affiliate commisions in the world. Let me know. The beauty of this is that the army does all the work for you. Once you generate the lead, it's left up to a professional recruiter to close the deal, and you get paid the money. You simply have to connect the recuiter with the lead. A form capture website would do the trick. The information can then be sent off to a army recruiter in that persons area. I will do 50/50 with the right partner. Let me know ASAP as I will be posting this offer on other forums. I want to give my brothers and sisters first stab at it. Please PM me on this, or email me at if you are interested. I really believe this would be easy to set-up and make sick cash. I currently have too many projects going to do this full time. I'm looking for someone to do site development, I can handle advertising.

Who would do this?

Doesn't this scumbag have enough friends to make money off of?

So, the idea is that you dig up your friends, send them off to Iraq, and make money off of it.

Yeah, great. Why not get them drunk first, like the pressgangs used to do.

posted by Steve @ 6:11:00 PM

6:11:00 PM

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