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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ultramarine vs ultramarine....

To save the Ultramarines, we must crush
commander Joe

David Wyles, Joe Lieberman's college roommate, wrote the following.
This is a comment I wrote to

(Pups refers to the readers of firedog and lambs to the so-called "rabid lambs"
who are the dreaded and poisonous "liberals of the blosphere")

Fellow pups and lambs --

I was the former college roommate of Joe Lieberman who wrote the letter to the
LA Times that Jane quoted in the last thread. If I was a resident of Connecticut, I would indeed be voting for Ned Lamont in both the primary and, hopefully, the general election.

The reasons are many and beyond just the war. I like Joe personally and always have, but I understand that many who don't know him would consider him sanctimonius and holier-than-thou. He is that too. He is genuinely religious, but he is also very moralistic.

I've written to him over the years about his "culture wars" with Hollywood and his votes for the Supreme Court. He credited me and his daughter with changing his vote on Clarence Thomas. But now, I honestly wonder if he voted "no" on Thomas only when he was sure Thomas was already assured of enough votes to win. Unfortunately, his position for cloture and against filibuster for Samuel Alito, and then the after-the-fact vote against him only confirmed my cynical suspicions. Alito is going to be an anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-minority vote
on the Supreme Court for another 20-30 years.

That and his "cheerleading" for Bush and the War on Iraq did it for me.

You can give old friends the benefit of the doubt, but when they are actively damaging the country and the Constitution by supporting a President who should be impeached rather than praised, that is when I say "Enough!"

Sometimes you have to consider what's best for your country rather than what's best for your friend.



I guess the Lieberman heresy has turned even his closest friends against him. A Civil War among the Space Marines.

posted by Steve @ 3:05:00 AM

3:05:00 AM

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