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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thoughts of the stupid

Too smart to be a right wing blogger

I haven't comments on a bunch of stories lately because they're just the ruminations of the stupid.

1) People who discuss blowing up the Lincoln Tunnel on an open internet chat room are too stupid to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel

2) The Times Travel section asks permission before doing a feature on someone's vacation home. Anyone who thought Al Qaeda could beat the DOD's security and the Secret Service, based on a Times article is an idiot.

3) Publishing private citizen's addressses as a form of intimitation will lead to a financially ruinous civil trial for the publisher one day, even if someone isn't attacked.

4) Ann Coulter's plagarism is about as shocking as her repulsion of anal sex. According to John Fund's ex-mistress, she doesn't like oral either. No trannie jokes please.

5) The person who published the plantiff's name in an ACLU case is a coward. He thinks he's stopping the ACLU, he just encouraged a bunch of jew-hating morons, people who pick on children.

6) I would worry about North Korea's missles, if they didn't blow up 43 seconds after launch. I think they have a way to go with their V-2 program for the mentally ill.

7) Defending Nazis anywhere except in front of a judge is insane. Especially if you are black.

8) Am I to understand that the loyal Democrats of Connecticut are now insane moonbats because they might want a Senator Bush doesn't kiss?

9) No matter how many times it is repeated, lazy reporters will accuse the profitable Kos, who is building a network of sports related sites, of soliciting money from pols for their support, despite the fact that he's channeled nearly a million dollars in the last three years to them.

10) I think the day that a bunch of right wing Republicans defend you, your street cred as a Dem has some real problems.

posted by Steve @ 1:58:00 AM

1:58:00 AM

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