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Thursday, July 27, 2006

They send letters

Barbara Boxer & Joe Lieberman

This is from a letter Senator Barbara Boxer sent to Democracy For America members.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for writing to me about the hotly contested Connecticut primary for Senate.

I am traveling to many states throughout the summer and fall to help Democrats take back the Senate and House. I started yesterday morning at a campaign stop for Senator Menendez and then made appearances for Joe Lieberman in Connecticut before he left for a Bill Clinton rally.

So why did I go to Connecticut? When Joe asked me to tell his constituents about our work together on the environment and choice, I told him I would.

I realize this decision has deeply disappointed you. I completely understand your position and only hope that you will come to understand mine.

For 14 years, Joe Lieberman and I have shared an alliance on a range of progressive issues, especially two that are central to my public service -- the environment and choice.

We have worked side by side on the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee. When Bill Clinton was President, the stakes weren't nearly as high. But within hours of President Bush taking office, the environment was under attack.

Believe me, it has not been easy to fight the Bush Administration and the Republicans on this committee who try to undermine the environment, and its supporters, at every turn.

I know that's not news to you. But what you might not know about is the critical role that Joe has played in this battle.

The fact is, on every single fight I have waged on that committee -- from arsenic in the water, to air pollution, to pesticide testing on infants and children, to global warming, to Superfund and much more -- Joe has been a stalwart partner and leader.

Joe was the first author of legislation to permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He was one of the first Senators to try to tackle the global warming challenge. The Republicans laughed at his efforts and refused to admit that we were right on this issue. But Joe was undeterred.

And it's the same with women's rights, especially choice. Each and every time a woman's right to choose has come to the Senate floor -- including late term emergency abortions -- I've had a reliable partner in Joe.

He is one of a small handful of Senators who has joined with me both times I have introduced the Freedom of Choice Act, the most strongly pro-choice piece of legislation in the U.S. Senate.

Because of his long record on choice and other important progressive issues, Joe has won the endorsement of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, AFL-CIO, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Human Rights Campaign.

Of course, as you rightly point out, Joe and I don't agree on everything. And nothing has deeply disappointed me more than our complete disagreement on the Iraq War.

The fact is, I disagree with many of my usual allies on the war since my bill to redeploy troops out of Iraq by the end of THIS year is the toughest redeployment bill out there. As far as I'm concerned, I will stand alone to end this war.

Joe and I have virtually no common ground on Iraq except for one thing -- we have teamed up to provide comprehensive mental health care for our troops. Our amendment will ensure that our soldiers will not be sent into combat if they have mental health problems, including post traumatic stress, and that they will be able to get mental health help within 72 hours if they need it.

Again, this may sound easy, but the truth is, we had to work very hard to get our mental health amendment to pass the Senate, which it did.

I do not minimize the differences I have on the war with Joe -- or any of my colleagues -- but as I said, I also have a 14-year alliance on other progressive issues that are important to us, to California, and our country.

I understand that you disagree vehemently with my decision, as is your right. But, on August 8, the Democrats of Connecticut will make their voices heard on Joe's candidacy, and I will have deep respect for their decision.

Until then, I only hope that you will weigh our differences about this primary campaign against everything that ties us together, and please know that I will continue to work as hard as I can to earn your trust and support.


Barbara Boxer

Haven't we seen this kind of thing before. That pained e-mail from your friend justifying their stupidity.


Sorry I haven't gotten back to you after standing you up last week, but Joe needed me.

I know you don't like or trust him, especially after he cheated on me with that Georgina wench and talked bad about me, but he's about to lose his job. It seems he pissed off the bosses and they were going to bring in someone else for his job.

You know how long he's been there, how hard he's worked. Just because the CEO of that other company kissed him in public and his repeated criticism of our company, I couldn't just let Joe go out that way, it wouldn't be right.

It's not like I love Joe any more, but I couldn't let him go out that way.

He's been in my life for so long and done me so many favors, that I couldn't imagine letting him just get run from the company like a dog. Not like that. I had to stick up for him one more time. I warned him this would happen, I warned him this would be the result of his actions, but he didn't believe me. Now it's here and I just can't walk away from him like that bitch Hillary. I would never do that to anyone. When I needed help, Joe was there. Now, I know why people are pissed at him, but 14 years is a long time. You just can't let go that easily.

And Hillary has been all over him, constantly doing shit with him, and when he needs her most, she's invisible. I told him about her. I told him.

Amy, I know I'm stupid, I know I let my heart think instead of my head, but you love who you love, even if they don't deserve it.

Yes, I know Joe is a bastard and an asshole, but when I needed someone to help me, he did. Oh and you know he was the best when it counted (wink, wink).

I know I could have never married him, but he's still a friend. Even when wrong. And you don't leave friends hanging, even if some people think they deserve it.

So, Amy, please don't hate me


posted by Steve @ 12:10:00 AM

12:10:00 AM

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