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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, July 30, 2006

So what does the Times endorsement mean?

Boys, the Imperium is with us, attack, attack

Lieberman campaigned hard for the Times endorsement, because to lose it is a disaster. It is a clear sign that the pro-Lieberman and anti-blogger arguments failed.

This is most valuable local endorsement available, and Gail Collins didn't just endorse Lamont, she ripped into the Lieberman philosophy of government. She basically called him an appeaser to Bush in a way none of us in left blogoland have said. Not even high commander Kos has been as brutal as that editorial. Collins said, in a few words, every argument we made, and she read, and threw them at the heretic like an indictment.

Lieberman's hug with Bill Clinton may be an attempt to impress the negroes, but the Times endorsement not only hurts him with upscale Dem voters, but with independents. This is a blocking move on an independent run as well. And considering that she jumped on Giuliani for trying to extend his term, similarly brutal treatment is awaiting Lieberman.

And then she says this isn't about Lamont, but getting rid of Lieberman.

Make no mistake, Lieberman's campaign is reeling from this. It is a disaster of the first order. Instead of smacking us blogofascists down, she's basically repeated our arguments and validated them in the most public way possible. This is going to make some people decide to jump ship, because it's becoming clear that Lieberman's campaign is a last hurrah.

Now, the Lamont people are nervous, they think they're in a dogfight until the end, and it would be stupid for them to think otherwise

But looking on from the outside, it would take Lamont being arrested for Lieberman to win and what people are really begining to debate is the degree of loss Lieberman will suffer.

The problem is that Lieberman is being held to account for his support of the war and his too close alliance with the GOP. And his friends did him no favors. Hannity? Brooks? Shit, to any thinking person, they're the reason for a Senator Lamont.

The fact is that Lieberman is running into empty crowds and almost no friendly ones. The Lamont people are dogging him all day, every day. His campaign won't discuss Iraq and he's losing supporters every day, while Lamont gains them. Lieberman has tried to shift the focus to his opponent, but it isn't working. His paid staff is more handicap than help at this point as the Lamont team focuses on the fine points of GOTV.

There have been some shitty campaigns this year, Steele, Harris, but for pure ineptitude, the Lieberman campaign is the worst. He had high name recognition, but squandered it. Now, every one knows him , and they don't like what he's done.

The worst part of the Times editorial is that it will probably sway fence sitters to Lamont.

posted by Steve @ 1:46:00 AM

1:46:00 AM

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