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Monday, July 17, 2006

The right wing conspiracy

It is time to instruct the GOP

The Nitpicker has a little announcement to make


A little while back, Kos threw a party. All kinds of people were invited, including Mark Warner, who, because he was the second politician to answer the call, addressed the audience. He also threw a little party of his own for the Kossacks and press in attendance.

Because Kos's old friend Jerome Armstrong works for Warner, Warner was accused, without evidence, of being involved in a " pay for play" scam, of "buying off a potentially problematic interest group...cheaply," and, even, " the buying of the Democratic blogosphere."

Then what are we to think about this little event?
Off-the-Record Happy Hour For Conservative Bloggers

When: TONIGHT, Monday, July 17, 2006, 7-8:30 PM

Where: A private Townhouse in Washington, D.C. (Address provided with RSVP)

Invited: Reps. Mark Kennedy of MN (, John Shimkus of IL (, and Kevin Brady of Texas (

If you would like to attend, please RSVP today to [redacted] at [redacted] with your full name and blog. Any questions about this event can also be directed to [redacted].


Now, Republicans (even those who call themselves "liberals," like the staff to The New Republic) have yet to prove that there was any instance of pay-for-play. I doubt they will, either, considering the fact that Warner started getting noticed by Kossacks soon after he started getting noticed by the traditional media and long before he hired Jerome. Hell, for that matter, Warner has shown up in some other nontraditional venues, as well, including a party at the SXSW music festival .

But Mark Warner has acted above board and out in the open on this, inviting all Kossacks and members of the media--including Byron York--to his events. What should we think then of these three members of the Republican party, who want to meet in secret with bloggers, without so much as a list of whom they might have co-opted with their "happy hour"?

This is funny, no amusing. Left bloggers have open events, and it's a ginned up scandal.

Right bloggers meet in secret and it's perfectly ok.

posted by Steve @ 4:39:00 PM

4:39:00 PM

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