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Friday, July 07, 2006

On books and models

PR IX Spitfire

Oddly enough, people have been wondering about my model building, wargaming and book issues. Well, I've always done it, when I had the cash. I've been building models since I was six, reading history since 9 and playing wargames since I was 12.

So I'm a history geek, always have been, got no lower than a B+ in any history course. According to one theory of intelligence, there are nine different kinds Some people think that the only intelligent people are those geared to science and math. Which isn't true.

My nephew plays Runequest, and is interested in medieval history for some odd reason. Like Jen. I've been far more interested in modern military history myself. When I played RPG's my friends and I liked Traveller more than D&D.

Anyway, from time to time, people ask me about my favorite books or movies, so I'll list some. But let me mention some of my favorite modelling subjects

P-51D Mustang
Late model Spitfire

I tend to like propeller planes over jets. But I also build many versions in the SEAC command, South East Asia in WWII, which had some unique paint schemes . I don't build Nazi aircraft.

Now, what have I been reading lately?

Mostly the Smithsonian History of Warfare series and various Osprey monographs. Why? Because they're relatively well detailed versions designed to be used. Which means they have nice pictures and are written for the general reader. Which is always useful when you need to be more informed about a subject.

The reason I like those books is simple, they help me visualize what I'm reading, which always helps.

I find that reading history is relaxing in an odd way.

Now, here are five books which, upon completion, you will feel so much smarter

1) Battle Cry of Freedom-James McPherson

2) The Price of Glory-Alistair Horne

3) Stalingrad-Antony Beevor

4) Citizen Soldiers-Stephen Ambrose

5) Goodbye, Darkness- William Manchester

And one of my favorite fiction books

The Things they Carried-Tim O'Brien

posted by Steve @ 12:22:00 PM

12:22:00 PM

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