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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lieberman to form own Space Marine legion

So we fight with Chaos Space Marines, we're
still loyal

Senator Joe Lieberman has announced his legion of Space Marines have left the Imperium and have founded Ultramarines for Lieberman.

His first act is to serve as a peacemaker between the Imperium and the Chaos Space Marines. Lieberman has wanted to long be a peacemaker between the two races, and his first act is to support the Chaos Space Marines in their next conquest

"Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines can find common ground, especially over the bodies of Space Marines," Lieberman said, as his Space Marines burned an Imperial village and shot several wounded Blood Angels, including a Chaplain and two Librarians.

"I didn't leave the Imperium, it left me," as the fires reached the night sky.

Lieberman insisted that he was still loyal to the imperium, despite his new alliance with the Chaos Space Marines.

"Of course I am a loyal Space Marine, but I feel that too many chapters, especially the Blood Angels and some of the other Space Marines are working against reaching out to other races. I am the only commander who sees the value of working with other races to secure the Imperuium."

Other Space Marines have sworn to hunt down the apostate and kill him.

Blood Angel Librarian Kos has sworn that his apostacy cannot stand

"Who is this Commander Lieberman fooling?" Kos said "Not anyone who knows of the Horus Heracy can tolerate this great betrayal of the Imperium. Anyone who fights with the traitors is a traitor. He fights with those who tried to kill the Emperor. Who wants his "reaching out"

Black Templar Commander Atrios vowed undying vengence against the apostate Lieberman
"We have fought long and hard to protect the Imperium,"Atrios said. "If we find the traitor Lieberman, he and his apostates will die a hundred painful deaths at the hands of my men."

Space Wolf Chaplain Matt Stoller swore to hunt Lieberman down.

"He has betrayed the Imperium, we will hunt him until he can hide no longer."

"They just don't understand what we need to do here. Sure, I am supported by the Chaos leaders, that doesn't mean I'm not a loyal Space Marine. Why would you even ask that question. So we're supporting the Chaos Space Marines in their war of expansion, but we're still loyal to the imperium, how dare people question my loyalty."

Defenders of Commander Lieberman don't understand the fuss.

Ork leaderBoss says he doesn't understand what the fuss is about

"You go a stompin wit your boyz, who cares who gets stomped"

But for the Space Marine community, the Lieberman heresy, as it is called, has shook the imperium. Ultramarines are saying they must be the ones to destroy commander Lieberman to recover their reputation.

posted by Steve @ 3:35:00 AM

3:35:00 AM

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