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Friday, July 14, 2006

Kiss my ass

Kiss my ass, you scumbags

Conservatives Claim Katrina Woes Due to ''Black Culture

Via Evacuee at Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

A group of conservative and ministers will be holding a conference on Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast on July 26 at the Heritage Foundation. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, an African American doesn't blame Bush for the problems related to Katrina...

Instead, he faults what he calls the "black culture."

"It's not President Bush's responsibility to make us get up and take care of ourselves. That was a political ploy in order to make blacks believe the Republican Party was against them and that they really don't care," Peterson said.

Then there is this from the white minister....

Rev. Grant Storm, who is the Caucasian minister and president of Conservative Christians for Reform, echoed Peterson's view. "The mentality of 'government's going to bail me out. Where's the government?'" is "in the black culture," Storm said. "The mentality is instilled within their churches and in their homes -- of 'the government owes you, the government is your solution, and the government will come and help you.'

"When the government doesn't come and help them, frankly all they do is yap and complain," said Storm, instead of "saying 'Hey, I better go get a job, I better go on my own, I better go find an apartment, I better go take care of myself and my family.

"They are waiting for more FEMA money, they are waiting for more relief money and it ain't coming, or it's coming slow; meanwhile, the surrounding parishes -- the predominantly white parishes -- they are rebuilding on their own, and the same way in the Gulf of Mississippi," said Storm. "Orleans -- they still don't have their flooded cars off the streets."

I would say consider the sources here.
For more on Rev. Peterson Go here

As for Rev Storms who is from Louisiana, well we're familiar with him here in Wisconsin. He brought a defamation lawsuit against Action Wisconsin over a press release in which AW claimed that Rev Storms had delivered a speech at the 2003 International Conference on Homo-Fascism in which he “apparently advocated the murder of lesbian and gay people.” Last year Storms lost the case because the judge ruled that the press release "presented a fair interpretation of [Storms'] speech." Seems reasonable given that in a speech in which Storms proclaimed how gays want to "kill" and "eliminate" the Christians he called for action against gays/lesbians...

"Enough is enough my good friends; let’s start taking it to the streets.” [...]

“God has delivered them into our hands, Hallelujah – Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom [like gun fire] – There’s twenty! Ca-ching, glory, glory to God, let’s go drive through the McDonalds and come back and get the rest.”

So as insulting and Wrong that the Rev. Storms "analysis" on New Orleans is...take heart NOLA residents. He hasn't called for your heads...yet. (Besides I didn't see one McDonalds open in NOLA when I was there.)

Fuck Peterson, fucking ex-junkie bum. He got high while real black men went to work and now he wants to shuck and jive for his white masters

Funny how whites are just as pissed at the government neglect after Katrina, and they don't get lectures on their reliance on government aid.

Peterson is also dumb as a post. Black people saw what the GOP did for them. They didn't have to be told

posted by Steve @ 12:02:00 AM

12:02:00 AM

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