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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jen's deadly menagerie of pets

OK, Jen's been a bit frazzled at work lately, so I wanted to post up some possible solutions to her problems. And since she likes pictures of cuddly appearing animals.......

Imagine strolling around the office with one of these on a leash. Late reports? Well, not after Timmy the Tiger lunges at coworkers. Those fangs and claws will keep the workforce in line, if they don't want to be tiger chow

That pool party will never be the same when the baby hippo rampages. Your coworkers will live in mortal terror of an invite to your home, and the baby hippo. And maybe that will inspire them to work all the harder. One rampage is more than enough for most people. If they live.

Charlie the chimp has a warm inviting smile, and seven times the strength of a human. So when Charlie starts flinging office supplies around and wheeling around the office, locking the door is no retreat. He can smash the door. Maybe a banana will calm his simian rage, or timely reports. I don't know, I don't plan on being around an enraged Charlie

Kenny the Koala. He's so cute, but his razor sharp claws make for a perfect letter opener. Or weapon against a lazy, sloppy staff. You cannot run from Kenny, you can try, but you shouldn't hope for much success, as his claws rip your clothes from your flesh.

Well, they are expensive to keep up, but they can keep a staff of slackers in line..........or else.

posted by Steve @ 3:01:00 PM

3:01:00 PM

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