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Comments by YACCS
Friday, July 21, 2006

Hey, maybe they'll crawl on you before your next patrol

This is from the Majority Report blog

Meet Sarin, Botulinum, and Yellowcake:

------ Forwarded Message From: "Pavlik, Nicholas A. SGT USA"

Subject: Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Visits Troops

I have attached the photo I have of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders visiting some soldiers deployed to Iraq. I was wondering if this would be something you guys would be interested in using. Personally I think the photo sells itself. I mean honestly any man that sees this picture is going to wish he could be in that guy's shoes for two seconds. Some angles I think that could go with this photo are..."It's good to be an American with Cheerleaders Like These!" "I'm Proud to be an American!" "One Lucky Latino!" "Three Reasons To Go To War!" And my personal favorite... "Thank You Uncle Sam!" The ideas are endless with this photo and it would be a great morale booster for all the soldiers deployed overseas. There are a ton of troops that read your magazine that would love to see a picture like this, not to mention a few civilians as well. If you need more ideas I would be more than willing to throw them at you. The best way to contact me is by email considering a phone call overseas would lead to a very pricey phone bill. Let me know what you think.

Nicholas Pavlik
USCENTCOM Public Affairs
COM 011.974.460.9869 ext. 432.5023
DSN 318.432.5023

(THIS IS NOT A JOKE! This is a real email, sent by a real CENTCOM officer to a real magazine editor. Write to the guy and tell him what you think about his pitch.)

I wouldn't bother this poor bastard, personally, but his CO? That's a different story.

posted by Steve @ 12:14:00 AM

12:14:00 AM

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