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Comments by YACCS
Friday, July 14, 2006


Brian, in 14 weeks, this could be you

Hey, why let all the dope-taking jailbirds like Steven Green get in on all that Iraqi killing action. You can be 42 and enlist. Which is what Operation Yellow Elephant is suggesting for one Fox host. Me, I rather watch Jerry Springer, so I have no idea of who this assclown is, but call him up and ask him to join the colors anyway.

It's been about a year since our last mission. I sense that the troops are edgy and eager to rejoin the fray.

Target: "The Brian [Kilm*ade of Fox] and the Judge Radio Show"

Objective: Convince Brian to transfer from the 101st Fighting Newsreaders to the regular army.

Mission: Call his show at 1 866 408 7669 between 9 and noon Eastern. Those who complete the mission successfully will have recordings of their calls posted on Calling All Wingnuts.

Previous Actions: Mike Stark of Calling All Wingnuts made it on to the air three times (first call, second, third).


Brian Kilm[*]ade, cohost, who also does "Fox and Fri[*]nds" in the morning, is 42 years old. Guess what? That put's him in recruiting age territory. He can join the Army and fight the war he believes is necessary for the defense of America.

So I asked him what he thought the Marines think of a guy that wears $2,000 suits, pays hundreds for haircuts and puts on make-up every day telling them that they need to sleep in dirt, not take showers for weeks at a time and dodge IEDs and live fire... what do those Marines think of a guy that won't put his own ass in the game?

Kilmea[*]e has mocked my calls. I'm one person. He can do that.

But he can't do it to all of us.

Bill O'Reilly was the first Fox News host to fall before the netroots and make an ass out of himself. I've given Ki[*]meade the opportunity to address seriously the question of why he won't fight a war he believes is vital to the american way of life. He's refused.

I've even offered to let him off easy: if he'll go visit Walter Reed with me and talk to some of these vets, I'll stop asking him why he won't serve. He won't even do that - i suspect it's because he doesn't have the moral fiber, certitude to look these men and women in the eye and talk to them about their sacrifice - a sacrifice he's unwilling to risk.


Finally, let me add something a commentor brought up at my site: these Republicans are all about the troops when they've got a war to sustain. But what are they going to do when these very same troops come home with disabilities? Where are the job training programs for vets that can't walk anymore? If they come back with PTSD and develop an addiction, will these Republicans support the troops with treatment, or will they advocate more prisons?

I think I know what Kilme[*]de's answer will be.

Oh yeah, Mike Stark is a former Marine.

posted by Steve @ 7:43:00 AM

7:43:00 AM

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