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Friday, July 14, 2006

Give your cubicle a serious makeover

By Laura Morsch writer
Friday, July 14, 2006; Posted: 8:42 a.m. EDT (12:42 GMT)

With their tweed-like fabric walls, dull laminate desktops and harsh fluorescent lighting, it's hard to make a cube look anything but drab. It doesn't help that decorations are usually limited to colored file organizers, a calendar and a couple of photographs.

While it's hard to transform a cube into an aesthetic masterpiece, it's not impossible, as demonstrated by lifestyle and entertaining expert Kelley L. Moore in her book "Cube Chic: Take Your Office Space From Drab to Fab."

Moore takes a standard office cube, and tr
ansforms it more than 20 times into spaces that are so funky and cute the original cube is unrecognizable. The "nap cube" has blue corrugated paper with glittery stars for walls, a bed under the desk, and alarm clocks and a cereal dispenser as decorations. The "golf cube" is covered in Astroturf, with a leather golf bag as a trash can.

If your cube needs a serious makeover, consider some of these ideas from Moore's book:

Get wallpaper: If you must be surrounded by three walls, why not make them fabulous? In Moore's "glam cube," the walls are adorned in lush damask wallpaper. In the "safari cube," the walls are covered in natural burlap and hung with rows of capiz shells.

To pep up your walls, cut the material to the right size and place a clear adhesive tape around the perimeter of your cube. Then, use hot glue to attach the wallpaper to the tape. That way you avoid any damage.


Is the author of this piece insane? Has this woman EVER worked in a large office building, a corporate environment, or both? Fucking get WALLPAPER FOR YOUR OFFICE? CARPETING? Oh, yes, I was thinking of having a Jacuzzi and a treadmill put into my office to give it a more spa-like angle. Could you IMAGINE if I did my office in a "jungle" theme or "East Village Grunge Bar" theme? It's one thing to put up momentos, get a plant, etc. It's another thing to make it look like a fucking Barbie Safari house.

Shit. Not everyone works at a dotcom.

Jen works for people who wouldn't tolerate such nonsense.

I work at home and think that shit is insane.

What would you think of an employee who started to hot glue wallpaper to their cube? Insane? Looking to get fired?

posted by Steve @ 3:36:00 PM

3:36:00 PM

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