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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The friends of Rudy Giuliani.

You have such manly shoulders

You've got male woes!


Move over, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Judy: There's a new sex advice guru in town, and her name is - gulp - Donna Hanover.

The former first lady of New York has jumped headfirst into her new gig as AOL's love-and-sex coach, mincing few words as she dishes out tips to the lovelorn and the lustful.

You could easily imagine what her advice would have been to Judith Nathan, the current Mrs. Rudy Giuliani, who began the relationship while he was still married to Hanover.

Actually, you don't have to imagine.

" ... [If] he's married, I would say tread very carefully ... if you respect marriage, probably the best thing to do is back off and go a different direction."

In other words, keep your paws off Rudy, Judy!

Too late for that - but not so for the many people who need some of Hanover's no-nonsense talk.

"I'm giving this advice for all the people I have talked to who are worried they will never meet somebody. I wanted people to know how wonderful a reunited relationship can be. It has been so wonderful in my life," Hanover told the Daily News last night.

Reunited love has become Hanover's pet project. Last year she published "My Boyfriend's Back," in which she recounts her story of finding love with and marrying her high school sweetheart, Edwin Oster, in 2003.

It's a bit of stretch from the acting career Hanover pursued during her marriage to Giuliani, which lasted 20 years before a messy divorce that led the former mayor to go public with Nathan, his former mistress-turned-wife.

At one point during their breakup, Hanover famously appeared in Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues," reading several passages, including one where she moaned 20 different ways.

Her performances on AOL, where she's been a guru of girl-talk for the past four months, are more sedate.

In several video bites, Hanover uses AOL's online forum to dole out advice on subjects ranging from long-distance relationships to fizzling marriages.

Even though Hanover never mentions her ex-husband in her dispatches, the subject matter is obviously near and dear to her heart.

You bet. Boy, the wronged ex-wife as a sex and advice columnist. Why mention him, the new forum she has is a reminder of his adultery. Cool.

posted by Steve @ 4:29:00 PM

4:29:00 PM

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