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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dog Whistle politics

Here, GOP, another reason to hate

Poor Ann Coulter, thinking because Bill Clinton likes to have sex with women, lots of women, that he's a latent homosexual.

I guess she must have seen MASH where the dentist wants to kill himself because he thinks he has Don Juan syndrome.

Jesus Christ, you don't get much crazier than that.

But Coulter is no idiot, however we wish her to be.

In an era where Clinton is the most popular ex-president in some time, calling him a potenital cocksucker is a way to further demonize him. Now, Donny Deutsch, who's usual guest IS a professional cocksucker, of the female variety, may be a good businessman, but he doesn't handle cognitive dissodence all that well. Colbert or Stewart would have told her to shut the fuck up with her crazy talk. He let her prattle on for a few minutes.

If Clinton is gay, even latenly, so is George Clooney, and for that, you can sign me up. Because it means I get to fuck Lucy Liu and a bunch of other hot women.

Maybe it was revenge for the man Coulter jokes or the birth certificate searches, but there was something more to it.

The hard right has a sex-negative agenda and has used Bill Clinton as their whipping boy since 1992. The voters they rely on are scared of sex and would like to go back to a never never land of ignorance and myth, which is why so many abstinance programs are failed exercises in bullshit.

The irony is that one of their democratic allies is Hillary Clinton. She has always been far less comfortable than her husband with sex as a political issue. Now she blathers on about middle grounds on abortion and video games. What do you expect from a woman who wouldn't let her daughter ride a bike a few blocks to the library?

Clinton still doesn't get that the right uses her as the icon for everything they fear. I mean, homosexual slurs against the Clintons have a 15 year history here,mostly directed towards her. Hillary Clinton's sexuality has long been a football, and you can tell that, if nothing else, got to her. Why? Because she is an innately conservative person. While some of the other girls at Wellesley were playing slap and tickle, she was dreaming about her perfect husband. I'm more of a lesbian than Hillary Clinton.

Even if she had those feelings, she's probably more scared of them than Lynne Cheney, no Sisters for her.

So to tie Clinton into the last demonized group was no accident by Crazy Ann, no matter how nuts it seems. Hillary Clinton, who intellectually knows that her enemies have attacked her sexuality at every level, still cannot deal with it politically.

Which makes the Clinton's bizarre alliance with Joe Lieberman all the more perplexing. Lieberman is a liberal in the technical sense, but on social issues, he's far to the right of the Democrats. I know they've been friends for 36 years more or less, but Lieberman was all too comfortable in serving as the pointman on a host of issues.

Lieberman is clearly sex phobic, which is why he launches jerimads against the popular media. When he talks about "violence" in video games, he's really talking about sex and free expression. He doesn't talk about birth control with the same fervor, because, at heart, he's a moralist, and so is Hillary Clinton. They are comfortable in a world of moral certainties.

Only problem is that it bolsters Clinton's enemies.

Instead of backing Lieberman, they should have embraced Lamont with passion and went full bore after Lieberman for his idiocy. Even more than the personal betrayal, which at the time was spun as some act of loyalty, Lieberman's fuddy duddy approach to the modern world is poison to Clinton's further ambitions. Not that Lamont was some perfect candidate, but Hillary Clinton desperately needs to shed the soccer mom approach to politics. No one gives a shit about video games. They're rated, that's it. Leave it alone and tell people to mind their own kids.

Because while Lieberman wears it well, it reads like phony bullshit to most people.

What Hillary Clinton never got is that her enemies want to destroy her. They don't want to merely see her defeated, they think she and her husband are evil and want them banished from American life. Coulter's little rant is about shoving that along. She may have been inept in doing so, but it was no accident. It was about aligning Bill Clinton with America's newest despised group.

Cletus "I heard that Bill Clinton was a dirty cocksucking faggot"

Buford "Yep, saw it on the TV. Is there nothing that sick bastard won't stop
at, raping women, now sucking cock. First he runs with the niggers, now the faggots. They oughta cut his dick off"

Hillary Clinton says all the right things about sexuality, but she isn't comfortable with free expression either. And that means she's not aware of how the right is going to demonize her on those issues. Wait until she's hit with the anti-homo offensive, going after her on gay rights and asking again if she's a married lesbian. Because it's coming, and Crazy Annie just sent up the warning flare.

It's a dog whistle attack and after all this time, the Clintons don't get that by sticking close to Lieberman, who is going to be one bitter SOB when he's turned out on his ass, it can only hurt them. Becuase the closer she sticks to a moralistic view of sex and culture, she's alienated from many potential supporters offended at the seeming hypocrisy of her stand.

posted by Steve @ 2:22:00 AM

2:22:00 AM

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