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Friday, July 14, 2006

Cowards in action

Rich Lowry prepares to address YAF

The Young Assholes for Fascism don't want any dirty liberals going to their annual Klavern

Young America’s Foundation Student Conference Bans Progressive Reporters

Starting July 30, the Young America’s Foundation – which “specializes in helping young people advance conservative ideas” – will host the The National Conservative Student Conference.

Julie Siegel, a reporter for the Daily Pennsylvanian at UPenn, contacted YAF and asked for credentials to cover the convention on behalf of, the student publication at the Center for American Progress.

YAF’s spokesman Jason Mattera, who describes himself as “the surprisingly fresh face of conservatism,” denied her request:

Our event is open to real members of the press. You will not receive press credentials. My advice for you is to watch it on C-SPAN. If you have a problem with that decision, you can complain to the Foundation’s media department spokesman. Oh wait…that’s…me. :)

Subsequently, Mattera made clear that his decision to reject Siegel’s request was made on ideological grounds. Mattera told editor Ben Adler that The Nation, the country’s oldest progressive magazine a monthly circulation of almost 200,000, would also be denied credentials.

Mattera has twice been granted credentials to cover the CampusProgress student conference for the National Review, including the 2006 conference which took place on Wednesday.

Contact Rich Lowry, who is on the board of YAF’s National Journalism Center and writes for the National Review, and ask him if he supports Mattera’s decision to exclude reporters on ideological grounds. Let us know what you hear back. Young (cowardly) conservatives
Coward. Pussy won't sign up for Iraq, leaving the war to the Crips, Aryan Nation and sociopaths the Army can get instead of the brave young men it needs like him. He's fighting the "war of ideas" at home, which means he gets some internship at the Heritage Foundation.

Reporter fails the chickenhawk litmus test

Campus Progress reporter and U. Penn student Julie Brinn Siegel was not only refused credentials to cover the Young America’s Foundation student conference, she was essentially told by spokesman Jason Mattera that even applying as a progressive was laughable. More on Mattera in a minute.

Here's the exchange from Siegel's story:


What news outlet do you work for?


Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll be reporting for




Jason, I’m a little confused as to what that means. Could you please clarify?



1) Laugh out Loud

2) Lots of Laugh


Does that mean you’ll issue me credentials, or not?

I'll spare you the suspense. Not. He also said he wouldn't issue credentials to a Nation or AlterNet writer so you can plainly see the cowardice.

But Conservative cowardice runs deeper. And while I don't want to take this out on Mattera, he does represent the future of the conservative movement (quotes to that effect can be found on the YAF site).

So here's a VIDEO of Mattera squirming when asked by Chris Matthews why this able-bodied war supporter doesn't want to enlist.

But wait, don't order now, it gets worse. Mattera was credentialed by Julie's organization to cover its conference two years running -- despite the negative write-up after the first year's affair. Last year's conference coverage was a doosie, as Siegel notes, "Mattera’s multiple errors in his piece on our conference were amply documented on [the Campus Progress] website by Asheesh Siddique."

So let's tally. Future of the conservative movement: Refuses to fight in a war he's so passionate about, afraid to allow progressive media to cover his conference, shamelessly pans progressive conference without acknowledging that they at least have the courage to let their ideas be critiqued -- something he and his conservative brethren do not.

Sounds like the current conservatives to me. (CampusProgress, C&L)

Sounds like a punk bitch to me, as they would say in the streets. He is so much of a coward, simple courtesy isn't extended to people he fears.

I hope the recruiters are there in force. The Army recruiters. A strapping young man like Mattera can expect to do well in the combat infantry.

posted by Steve @ 10:23:00 AM

10:23:00 AM

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