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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What can we do

A German soldier hanging a
Russian Partisan

Revenge is impossible.

Bush thinks that he can stay in Iraq until we win. We are not going to win.

But it is important to remember revenge is impossible. Because of those of stout keyboards will talk of revenge.

Bill O'Reilly did his best impression of a Gauleiter talking about shooting people on sight. He dodged Vietnam, so that is cheap talk for fools.

The officer who left those three soldiers at that roadblock will never be the same. A simple error led to unimaginable tragedy. He fell for a trap and only God can bring him any kind of comfort in the face of such personal guilt and horror.

Our president's illness, his need to beat his father, is driving this war more than any other factor, and it is getting worse.

We are facing a question of character here, one where we descend into the typical brutality of a colonial war, or of the Eastern Front, only to lose in the end. Are we going to hang Iraqis in town squares and burn their villages, murder whole families to keep the weak government in power? As if the resistance will react passively.

They mutliated, read as castrated, the soldiers they caught, then cut off their heads and then booby trapped the bodies. A horrible way to die.

Those who say we must now stay in Iraq are fools. People debating amnesty are wasting their time. An amnesty from a government which has no power means nothing

Iraq will have a civil war, kill many, many people and the hard men with guns will win.
We can never be as savage as people fighting an invader of their home. It is useless to even contemplate that.

posted by Steve @ 1:40:00 AM

1:40:00 AM

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