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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is wrong

What happened to her son?

Let's see, US soldiers accused of killing Iraqis, handled slowly, but in a relatively timely manner.

US soldiers butchered by resistance, instant news

US soldiers murdered by Iraqi Army? Footnote to history.

Pentagon waited months to tell families 2 soldiers killed by Iraqis

Wednesday, June 21, 2006; Posted: 9:34 p.m. EDT (01:34 GMT)

TRACY, California (AP) -- The Pentagon waited nine months after completing an investigation into the deaths of two U.S. soldiers before notifying relatives the men were killed by Iraqi troops, the military acknowledged Wednesday.

The June 2004 deaths of Army Spc. Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr., 34, of Tracy, and 2nd Lt. Andre D. Tyson, 33, of Riverside, were originally attributed to an ambush during a patrol near Balad, Iraq. The Army said this week a military investigation found the two had been shot by Iraqi civil defense officers. No possible motive has been divulged.

Military officials visited Tyson's family on Tuesday and McCaffrey's on Wednesday to deliver the report, which was completed on September 30, 2005, according to Sen. Barbara Boxer. The California Democrat called the nine-month delay troubling.

"If the American people knew that the people we are directly helping train turned on our soldiers, support for this war would slip," Boxer said. "It's very disturbing to think that the Pentagon might be told to keep this kind of thing close to the vest."

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed Boxer's timetable on Wednesday.

"There was a time gap, no doubt about it," Army spokesman Paul Boyce said. "The Army regrets any delay in notifying the family, and we took immediate steps to do so once those facts were determined."

Soldiers who witnessed the attack have told Nadia McCaffrey two Iraqi patrolmen opened fire on her son's unit. The witnesses also said a third gunman simultaneously drove up to the American unit in a van, climbed onto the vehicle and fired at the Americans, she said.

One of the trainees has been arrested and imprisoned by the Iraqi government, according to Boyce, but he could not say which prison or when he was arrested.


McCaffrey and Tyson were assigned to the Army National Guard's 579th Engineer Battalion based in Petaluma.

Arrested my ass. They don't know and they wanted to hush this up.

The US may pretend that this happened once but I can't imagine US troops trust large groups of Iraqis.

They would rather play up executions than admit that the Iraqi Army is about as trustworthy as a junkie.

Stand up? You bet, one they they'll stand up and complete the job these guys started.

posted by Steve @ 1:46:00 AM

1:46:00 AM

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