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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rundfrasing Day 8

Steve and Jen make me so colorful and happy

Besides the fact that the world cup is Friday, ah, sweet, beautiful Friday and the readers here love the soccer stuff, I'm disgusted with the news. If people aren't justifying childkilling, they're attacking widows or look like a Max Cady clone, complete with scary prison tats.

Fuck, we deserve better than this.

I hope, between shooing off hookers and losing mortgages, that Yearly Kos scares the shit out of the DC establishment. It's this vast guerrilla army trying to take back the country one person at a time. I know some people are bitching that Busby lost, but again, I remind you, the GOP has to fight to hold on safe seats. This is like Barbara Lee or Maxine Waters going to the mats to save their seats. Not a place you want to be They won't have $20m to save every seat.

But as I said, we deserve a better media than the one we got. Things are so bad, people forget that the Daily Show is in the business of comedy. They tell jokes, fucking jokes. They are not the news.

What we're doing here some days is funny, some days, we're saving the soul of the Republic by dissenting and telling you what you know, that the emperor has no clothes and is an asshole to boot. And unfortunately, that needs to be said.

When I was a kid, Bob Woodward was a hero. Now, he's just another corrupt old man. The fact is that we can't expect the media to save us. They don't have the nerve for it. We will have to lead them by the nose to do the right thing, and that's what blogs and Yearly Kos are doing.

Now, I'm up front, a politics conference in Vegas on the start of the World Cup is not a place I could be and be useful. But it's something which needs to be done and by ordinary people who aren't soccer fans.

The same thing with this site. We'll stop begging Saturday, but this is about more than money. It's about speaking out and standing up for yourself, not someone else, you. And that's whatblogs are doing. It isn't just pissing in the wind or preaching to the choir.

On days like this, I am thankful that when I want to discuss something other than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kind gesture being ripped off, there is an audience for intelligent, thoughtful commentary, and that Jen can occasionally provide it.

Stephen Gilliard
217 E 86th St,
NMB 112
NewYork, NY 10028

posted by Steve @ 10:31:00 PM

10:31:00 PM

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